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good deals on used ford fusion energi seattle washington areaOnce upon a time, Goldilocks went in search of the perfect used vehicle. First, she tried a regular gas sedan and said, “This car is too expensive and bad for the environment”. Next, she test drove an electric car and protested, “No way. This car is too impractical. I need to drive more than 80 miles and have no time to charge”. Finally, she took a used 2016 Ford Fusion Energi for a spin and soon declared, “Oh, yes. This car is just right”. If you want a plug-in car that works perfectly for your lifestyle, consider a pre-owned Ford Fusion Energi, which Edmunds describes as “one of the best all-around vehicles in [its] diverse segment”.

This plug-in is powered by both a gas motor and an electric battery, with the latter offering a 
20-mile electric range. This means that you won’t spend a penny on gas for short commutes and quick trips to the supermarket. With the EV Mode button, you can choose between three settings: EV Now, EV Auto, and EV Later. The first is self-explanatory, while EV Auto lets the car’s computer decide when to use gas or electric power. EV Later lets you conserve the electric energy for another time.

Whether you’re cruising around town or on the open road, the Fusion Energi guarantees a hushed and tranquil ride. There's no need to shout conversations between the front and back seats. While you’re out and about running errands or shuttling the kids to and from school, you’ll notice that the Fusion Energi handles more like a standard sedan 
than a plugin. Steering is surprisingly responsive for a hybrid and this Ford handles tight turns with ease.

Want to experience the Fusion Energi for yourself? Come visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to take this used plug-in for a test drive. 
You can also check out our complete pre-owned Ford Fusion inventory online now.