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Ford’s Edge helped redefine the crossover market and continues to push it forward to this very day. It’s a special machine with an immense capacity for making its owners excited to take a drive each day. And now, the 2017 Titanium model on our lot is here to offer you superlative safety and generous dimensions (among other merits)!

Ford knows there’s a strong chance this will, at least at times, act as a family vehicle for you. That’s why it’s decked out with advanced technologies such as a smart traction control system, which leverages a range of sensors to detect real-time road situations and selectively brakes the tires as necessary to maintain its grip with the terrain. If you were to lose control and hit an obstacle, there’s peace of mind in knowing that there’s a full complement of inflatables on board, including front, rear, and side-curtain airbags.

The 2017 Edge Titanium is super spacious, too. It rocks dimensions of 188″ L x 76″ W x 69″ H, which is a long way of saying that there is going to be plenty of cargo room for when you need to pack up for a big trip. With all seats and passengers in place, you’ll have 39.2 cubic feet of storage area. However, that space balloons to 73.4 cubic feet once you put down the back row.

Stop by Sound Ford in Seattle today to experience this Edge for yourself!