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Safety first! All of us are thrilled by performance and enthralled by in-car conveniences but, ultimately, there’s nothing as important as the security of you and your passengers while you’re out on the road. Sometimes, a well-placed airbag here or a smart computer system there will be the difference between an inconvenient fender-bender and the potential for a lifetime of chronic pain. With that in mind, let’s examine what the 2017 Edge SE does to protect you from the latter scenario.

This mid-size crossover from the venerable Detroit manufacturer features deeply considered design. Front, back, and side-curtain airbags are complemented by a knee airbag in the glovebox—this is the first “tell” that Ford is going the extra mile to supply enhanced safety. Further, there’s their enhanced traction control system that works on your behalf. It employs an array of sensors that automatically detect road conditions and apply selective braking to your wheels in order to maintain the optimal level of grip with the surface. The available lane-keeping system is also a huge boon!

All of the above result in the 2017 Edge SE being really highly regarded by governing bodies. The NHTSA, for example, has gifted the machine an overall five-star rating!

Call us at Sound Ford in Seattle to hear more about the 2017 Edge SE!