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So, let’s place this scenario: You want an environmentally conscious vehicle but you don’t quite have the funds for a Tesla or one of these overwrought, super expensive all-electric vehicles. You simply desire fantastic gas mileage at a reasonable buy-in price. Fortunately, Ford is here to cater to your needs with the exceptional 2012 Escape Hybrid.

Performance on this one is incredible! The Big Blue Oval brand has thoughtfully considered all aspects of what makes this car “tick,” developing something that was truly ahead of the curve upon its release and that continues to hold up extremely well today. This SUV benefits from a 2.5L four-cylinder as well as a permanent magnet motor. The former generates 155 horses and 136-lb.-ft. while the latter pumps out another 94 HP. In total, the automobile easily manages a combined output of 177 horses!

There’s more, though. Ford engineered an intelligent system—the 2.5L and the magnet motor can operate both independently or in tandem. The Escape Hybrid smartly chooses when it’s necessary to engage the services of each. As a result, fuel economy is tops—you’re looking at a wickedly awesome average MPG of 34 city / 31 highway.

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