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Sometimes, what you’re looking for in a new vehicle boils down to this: you want to be able to go fast and you want to do so safely. If that’s the standard you want set, Ford has you covered with their 2015 Escape S. It’s an affordable lower-trim ride that dispenses with what you don’t need while focusing on the superiority of the core experience.

The beating heart of the 2015 Escape S is its 2.5L four-cylinder motor. While it isn’t the kind of snarling beast you’ll find inside a modern pony car, for example, it’s a high-performing and efficient package that’s tailor-made for a contemporary compact crossover. It generates 168 horses and 170-lb.-ft. of torque, good for spirited street performance whether you’re traveling within Seattle or beyond. Additionally, it delivers an average highway MPG of 31.

A central safety feature of this Escape is intelligent traction control. This helps to prevent the peppiness of the engine from becoming a problem by automatically working to enhance road poise. The system monitors live street conditions in tandem with observing your car’s steering angle and acceleration. Any time it senses wheel slippage, it uses selective anti-lock braking to compensate for skidding. Wonderful!

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