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best deals on used ford mustang sports cars seattle washington areaAre you looking for a masterful performance in a stylish American classic? Consider a used 2015 Ford Mustang GT Fastback.

The key to this coupe’s reputation lies in its V8 engine, which cranks out an intimidating 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The EPA gave the 2015 model an admirable fuel economy of 25 mpg on the highway, which is where this Mustang delivers its best performance.

Hit the gas and you’ll gallop from zero to 60 mph in a jaunty 4.5 seconds, hitting the quarter-mile mark in 13 seconds. When pushed to the limit, this wild horse can reach 150 mph in just under half a minute. Ready to slow down a bit?

A Car and Driver review describes the GT’s handling as refined around town, crediting the integral-link independent rear suspension. This newly updated system helps both ends of the Mustang work more closely in tandem, granting you better control on the road. The 2015 model also comes with improved cornering, boasting 0.95 g of lateral grip. Electrically assisted steering is precise, with fast response time.

Visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today and take a GT model for a test drive. You can also check out our complete used Mustang selection online now.