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These days, most sports utility vehicles are actually crossovers that deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. While this tailors to the needs of many, others may be looking for a brawny, used seven-seater ride that’s primed for hauling and towing. If so, let us introduce you to the 2010 Ford Explorer XLT, an automobile with an 8.0 out of 10 expert review score.

The easy-to-operate Explorer XLT comes standard with rear-wheel implementation and a five-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The latter functionality reduces motor revolutions per minute (RPM) during sustained speed cruising, allowing for greater fuel efficiency (20 MPG highway).

Ford’s truck-based road warrior dazzles with powerful performance, too. The 4.0L V-6 engine is rated at 210 HP at 5,100 RPM with 254 lb.-ft. of torque running at 3,700 RPM. These specifications help enable a towing capacity of a whopping 3,500 pounds, meaning lugging a trailer full of camping equipment along the streets of Seattle, Bellevue and Renton is a breeze. You can do so with complete confidence, as well—ABS (anti-lock braking) and traction control are also included.

Want to test out a 2010 Explorer XLT yourself? Contact us at Sound Ford today!