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The 2013 Ford Explorer enjoys an 8.8 review ranking (out of 10) on The Car Connection. What’s the secret to its desirability? It’s all linked to how the Detroit manufacturer carefully considers the needs of modern consumers.

Ford understands most of their previous-generation customers were not the hardcore, mountain-scaling type, and that the former four-wheel-drive setup was often the source of confusion and intimidation. In an effort to alleviate this issue while not confining the mid-sized SUV to the pavement, they’ve introduced the new Terrain Management System (TMS).

TMS is a front console-mounted switch that accommodates four unique driving scenarios via the vehicle’s 4WD design. These conditions are “Normal,” “Sand,” “Mud/Rut,” and “Snow.” All modes use individual wheel braking to eliminate slippage on the listed surface, while “Snow” offers security when traversing both frozen precipitation and rain-slicked streets.
Despite rethinking the way the Explorer navigates on and off the road, the Big Blue Oval brand remains dedicated to retaining the machine’s brawn. In fact, the crossover still manages a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds!

If you can’t wait to hop into a 2013 Explorer, give Sound Ford in Seattle a ring today to set up a test drive!