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Flexibility and ease come together at Sound Ford Renton, where we are proud to offer Western Washington a wide range of leasing options through Ford Credit – the Pacific Coast's trusted experts in auto finance. Whether you are looking to lease a new vehicle for a specific amount of time or plan to purchase your Ford at lease-end, our team can help you select the best terms – and new vehicle – to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs.
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Benefits of Leasing in Seattle

Leasing is a popular option for Western Washington drivers because it ensures a stress-free ownership experience. Our customers also enjoy incredible benefits, including:
1. The ability to drive a new Ford more often.
2. Lower lease payments compared to similar financing terms.
3. The option to purchase the leased vehicle at a predetermined price if they want to keep it.
4. The ability to return the vehicle at lease-end and finance or lease another model.
5. A variety of lease terms to suit their lifestyle.
6. The opportunity to roll approved accessories into the lease at the start of the contract.
7. No trade-in worries or re-sale woes.
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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Gap Protection Benefit (GAP) in Seattle

When you lease through Sound Ford Renton using Ford Credit, you’ll benefit from Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), which may waive the difference between your insurance pay-off and your outstanding lease balance in the event your leased vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss. GAP is included at no extra charge with each lease, provided you have the insurance required by your agreement.* 
*See your dealer for details; certain restrictions may apply. 

Save with the Flex Payment Program in Seattle

Ford Credit also offers the Flex Payment Program, which allows lease customers to customize their payments. Choose terms that best reflect your budget needs, with lower up-front allotments available to ease the initial financial responsibility.
Contact Sound Ford Renton.

Leasing vs. Financing in Seattle

Unsure if it is better to finance or lease your new Ford? Each customer and situation are unique, and your chosen method of ownership will ultimately depend on several factors. The following chart shows a side-by-side comparison of leasing versus financing and the differences to consider:

  Leasing Financing
Vehicle Type
Ford Credit offers leases for new vehicles.
Ford Credit offers financing for new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles.
Terms Variety of lease terms. Variety of financing terms.
Mileage Choose from options ranging from 10,000 to 19,500 miles per year. Additional mileage can be purchased at lease inception above the 19,500 mile option. Not applicable.
Ownership You pay to drive the vehicle for a specific term length, then return the vehicle at lease-end. You can also opt to purchase the vehicle at a predetermined price. You own the vehicle outright once your financing is complete. You can trade-in or sell at any time.
Payments Lease payments may be lower than similar financing terms because they cover a portion of the vehicle’s value based on your selected term.  Finance payments may be higher than similar leasing terms because they account for the total purchase price. As you pay down your vehicle, you build equity.
Customizations You can customize your vehicle through your dealer at the beginning of your lease using approved accessories. You can customize your vehicle at any time with any accessories or parts.
Wear and Tear A normal amount of wear and tear is covered; however, charges will incur if they are in excess of normal limits, unless you opt to purchase the leased vehicle. Charges are not incurred for wear and tear, but they can impact your vehicle’s resale value. 
End of Term
At the end of your leasing agreement, you have the flexibility to return your Ford or purchase it for a predetermined price.
At the end of your financing agreement, you own your Ford vehicle.

Find Your Perfect Match at Sound Ford Renton in Seattle

Choosing the right new Ford vehicle and matching it with the best leasing terms go hand-in-hand at our dealership. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you find the ideal model to suit your cravings for performance and utility, then combine it with monthly lease payments, terms, mileage limits and accessories to meet your needs. 
For more information about leasing rates, terms, offers and incentives, contact us at Sound Ford Renton in Seattle Washington. We also encourage you to visit our new vehicle online inventory, which is well-stocked with our most popular Ford platforms: including the Mustang, F-150, Escape, Explorer and more.

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