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2017 Ford FiestaTo the delight of Ford dealers, they'll now be able to sell and service every vehicle make using a complete family of parts, compared to the limited selections of yesterday. The newly robust variety is the product of Ford Customer Service Division's launch of its new Omnicraft brand.

Even drivers who aren't cruising around in an all-new Ford Escape or Fiesta will be able to benefit from Ford parts, thanks to the new brand. Overall, the greater accessibility to non-Ford consumers is slated to holistically increase customer experience, upgrading convenience, quality and more.

“Omnicraft is a significant benefit to any vehicle owner who needs parts or to have their vehicle serviced,” Frederiek Toney, the president of Global Ford Customer Service Division, said. “Now, owners of non-Ford vehicles have access to quality parts at a competitive price, backed by Ford and installed by Ford’s world-class certified technicians.”

Before reaching the new brand's final stage, Ford's team concentrated on the most popular parts - that is, those ordered the most frequently. Narrowing down the selection provided them with the opportunity to develop the smaller range of oil filters, loaded struts, brake pads and more at the highest caliber.

“Today, 1,500 parts numbers are available with plans to eventually reach approximately 30 parts categories and 10,000 parts,” Toney added. “We targeted the most requested parts first to provide our dealers with a solid foundation of inventory.”

Keep an eye out for Omnicraft parts as the brand rolls out to dealerships nationwide throughout this year. Speak to our representatives at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to learn more!