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2017 Ford EnergiConstantly forgetting where you parked your Ford Energi? Today's common grievance, which affects every driver at some time, is now a worry of yesterday thanks to Ford Motor Company's newest partnership with Samsung. Drivers who own a Samsung Gear S2 or new S3 smartwatch will soon have the convenient capability to integrate their devices to a Ford SYNC®-equipped vehicle; the technology enables its owner to set parking reminders, alerts and more.

For drivers who often rush away from their parked vehicles without noting their specific spots, the advent of this feature takes away the responsibility of memorizing one's location. Rather than having to take your smartphone out and note your location, the app prompts you to simply log your vehicle's location on your watch once you've parked and turned off your vehicle. The details can be as specific as the level, column and other notable points, depending on where you've parked (such as the fifth floor of a parking garage). Later, drivers can easily retrieve the navigation information from their watch and find their cars with ease.

Dave Hatton, Ford's global manager of mobile applications and emergency services, shared that the harmonization of vehicle and wearable technology is the way of the future. “The power of Ford SYNC is its flexibility to connect to new devices and services,” he said. “As wearable technology advances, connecting your vehicle to these devices holds immense potential to help make your life more convenient and more personalized.”

Ford enthusiasts in anticipation of this new technology need only wait until spring, when Gear Auto Link is expected to roll out for integration with a variety of Ford vehicles. In the meantime, visit Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to learn more about Ford's other exciting innovations.