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The future of the Ford GT is certainly a lot clearer, in more ways than one, thanks to its dashboard's all-digital, high-resolution instrument display that was recently introduced. The innovative design ensures that vital information is quickly and effectively provided to GT drivers using sharp, high-contrast graphics, transmitted accordingly based on a quintet of special driving modes.

The GT's new digital instrument display measures at 10 inches wide, but its upgrades go beyond dimensions. Compared to the original Ford GT, which was equipped with a fixed set of analog buttons, knobs and gauges in its dashboard, the all-new display is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. Its design is impressive, but its options for customization make it a cut above the standard. Drivers' ability to refine information, depending on their drive modes, help guarantee that the most pertinent data is readily available at all times and in the moment. Watch more in the video below:


“Driver focus and attention are key with such high performance,” Jamal Hameedi, the chief engineer of Ford Performance, said of the new technology. “We’ve designed the GT with a sleek digital instrument display that changes depending on driving mode in ways that are important and usable to the driver.”

To the anticipated delight of Ford drivers, the bells and whistles that come with this new display won't be restricted to the GT. Ford already plans to integrate the technology into other future Ford vehicles, so expect to see the full digital instrument display technology in other vehicles not too long from now. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.