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alternative transportation seattle washingtonMajor cities around the globe are crowded. And the roads are teaming with cars – often at a dead stop. A simple 15 mile trek can turn into a near two-hour trek in rush hour traffic.

That’s why Ford Motor Company developed its City Solutions team and is partnering with global cities to work toward transportation initiatives that the company hopes will be a big step toward solving congestion issues and provide more environment-minded options for movement in the future.

“Cities globally are dealing with increased congestion, a growing middle class and environmental issues – all of which can be alleviated by developing mobility solutions fine-tuned to the unique challenges of each location,” says Jim Hackett, chairman of Ford Smart Mobility LLC, according to the The Ford Motor Company Media Center. “At the same time, by expanding our business model to include new forms of transportation – from bikes to dynamic shuttles and more – we are introducing new customers to Ford and creating new revenue and profit opportunities for the future.”

Ford’s first city of interest is San Francisco. On September 9, 2016, Ford announced its intention to acquire Chariot, a crowd-sourced shuttle service in the area. Additionally, Ford is collaborating with Motivate – a San Francisco bike-sharing company – to expand transportation options.