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Ford's Electrified Vehicles Pave the Way for the Future of DrivingTalking the talk is one thing, walking the walk is another, and driving the drive - so to speak - is something else entirely. But the team at Ford Motor Company, acknowledging the importance of backing up claims with proof, recently did all three. The automaker released statistics that reflect its extensive study on how past and current electrified vehicle (EV) owners use their vehicles, which ultimately support its large-scale plans to prominently incorporate EVs and affiliated technology by 2020.

Since 2005, Ford has sold over 520,000 electrified vehicles in North America alone; worldwide, the number goes up to 560,000. After studying 33,000 Ford EVs that have cumulatively made 58 million unique trips, the Blue Oval has taken away invaluable learnings that are beneficial both for its teams and car enthusiasts, such as:

• Habitual daily driving distance is under 60 miles for 88 percent of customers; plug-in hybrids clock in 680 miles of refueling distance on average.
• Out of the 80 percent of Ford EV customers who charge one time a day, 60 percent charges during evenings.
• Most Ford EV owners anticipate replacing their existing EV with a new one at some point; 92 percent of battery electric car customers and 87 percent of plug-in hybrid customers intend to make a similar vehicle their next purchase.

Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington offers more information on EVs and what's in store for the future of driving. Come by and speak to our representatives to learn more.