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2019 ford escape s for sale kent washingtonAn autonomous self-driving robot called Survival shares Ford’s LiDAR technology and saves Ford Spain workers up to 40 hours a day by delivering spare parts and welding materials to them, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. With an automated shelf and 17 slots, workers can access the parts assigned to them while the slots open and close automatically.

Developed by Ford engineers and the first of its kind to be used in Ford European facilities, it has learned the entire plant floor. Its sensors mean Survival can now navigate the entire facility with external guidance. “While at first workers stopped and stared at Survival as it went by, the bot is now part of the team and people get on with their day letting the bot work.”

Survival has been on trial for nearly a year at the facility that manufactures Kugas, Mondeos, and the S-MAX. It’s performed flawlessly so far and has not replaced a single employee.

Ford’s autonomous cars aren’t going to be here for a while. But if you’d like to test drive a new or new-to-you vehicle in the meantime, stop by Sound Ford in Renton, Washington, so we can show you some of the other innovative technology Ford’s known for. How about the 2019 Ford Escape S, for instance? It’s got lots of modern tech, like variable speed intermittent wipers, an mp3 player, and an outside temperature gauge. You’re going to love it!