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Ford Motor Company Anticipates Fully Autonomous Commercial Vehicles by 2021

(Posted on Oct 12, 2016 at 09:38AM )
autonomous vehicle seattle washingtonWe live in a fast-paced world of instant gratification and automatic responses.

Unfortunately, the human response time isn’t always up to par with the milliseconds it takes for our surroundings to change. Enter the autonomous vehicle. Through the use of technologies such as radar, GPS and computer vision, these robotic vehicles have the ability to provide instantaneous response to their environment absent of driver input, with the potential to make road travel much safer.

Ford Motor Company continues to aggressively pursue technological advances in the area of vehicle autonomy. In fact, Ford intends to have a fully autonomous, SAE-defined, level 4-capable commercial vehicle operating by 2021. Designed specifically for ride-sharing services, this advancement in Ford technology will navigate automatically without the need for a steering wheel, acceleration pedal or brake pedals.

Ford recognizes that the need for a economical ride-sharing service is continuing to increase. By comparison, owning a vehicle equates to a cost of $0.70 – $1.50 per mile, while ride-hailing and taxi services can be two to four times more. However, Ford anticipates that an autonomous commercial vehicle for the purposes of ride-sharing should average users about one dollar per mile (on par with vehicle ownership), paving the way of the future through convenience, easing road congestion, and improved safety.