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Rather than toe the line and, engineers and designers at Ford Motor Company aren't afraid to tow-tally break boundaries and maximize potential. With the 2017 F-150, one particular improvement on the acclaimed truck is its towing capacity, which makes gains as the result of the new 3.5L, V-6 EcoBoost engine and the 10-speed transmission that comes along with it - its recorded towing capacity is a jaw-dropping 5,000 to 10,400 pounds.

With 365 horsepower at its beck and call, engineers at Ford say that the all-new engine was specifically modeled to haul heavy loads and tow trailers that pack on the pounds. Despite the greater weight capacity, the engine also has improved low-end and peak engine performance. The new 10-speed automatic transmission made its initial debut with the new high-performance Raptor pickup; however, the updated transmission feature is only available with the new EcoBoost V6. Watch the F-150 take the road in the video below:

“The Ford truck team lives to serve our hardworking truck customers,” Raj Nair, Ford's executive vice president of product development and chief technical officer, said. “The powertrain is the heart of every F-150, and together our all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost and 10-speed transmission will give our customers better power, efficiency and confidence.”

The better power,
efficiency and confidence Nair cites translates to superior towing, Jason Cannon writes for

"Three overdrive gears and a wider ratio span enable lower-numerical rear-axle ratios to help improve fuel efficiency at highway
speeds, while maintaining best-in-class towing," he reports. "The 10-speed transmission uses advanced materials and alloys—and zero cast iron, a first for a Ford transmission—to save weight."

Further adding to the towing power is the engine's anti-idle feature Auto Start-Stop, which is provided as a standard for the F-150. It preserves fuel, ultimately helping to reduce CO2 emissions as a result of lower idle times, and is a perk especially pertinent to truck owners. Except when towing or in
four-wheel-drive mode, the Auto Start-Stop intuitively knows when to shut off the engine when the vehicle's at a stop.

A stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington is all it takes to learn more about the 2017 Ford F-150's towing capacity and more. Come by today!