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"Mobility" is the name of the game for Ford Motor Company, as president and CEO Mark Fields introduced it in 2015. His announcement, at the time, gave wind of the automaker's plans to invest in 25 mobility experiments worldwide, the majority of them in larger metropolitan areas. From that point onward, “'mobility' has become the buzzword of an auto industry in transition from selling sheet metal to marketing all means of personal transportation," according to a article.

Just a hair shy of two years after Fields' initial claim, media and shareholders are curious as to how the Blue Oval will reap the benefits of mobility. But the answer may be discovered from simply analyzing urban trends. In recent news, Fields announced Ford's partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute's Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles to assist with the reshaping of transportation in urban areas. Not much later, Ford Smart Mobility LLC's newly appointed CEO, Rajendra Rao, also brought to light the next steps for Ford's foray into mobility. Learn more about Smart Mobility in the video below:

As Ford states, by 2030 over half of the global population - 60%, to be exact - will reside in cities. This increase in urban growth will simultaneously raise the number of challenges affiliated with transportation in cities. To preempt these issues, Ford City Solutions is slated to work with emerging megacities internationally to ensure the ease of freight and traffic. Rao also shared that the ultimate mission of Ford Smart Mobility is to design, build, grow and invest in emerging mobility services, and build upon learnings of prior mobility experiments to streamline Ford's ventures. An example of such is Chariot, a van-pooling service that addresses the growing demand for private bus services. With Chariot, a San Francisco-based company, Rao said that Ford is providing a mobility service that has the potential for profit as it expands.

Ultimately, the core of Ford's mobility innovations is to make and sell vehicles while staying cognizant of the future's demands and needs. Learn more about Ford City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility LLC, and the Blue Oval's other ventures by talking to any of our team members at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.