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Watch any feel-good movie or TV show, and you're bound to catch a glimpse of friends driving down the highway in a red-hot convertible - it's usually depicted as the car necessary for a driving experience filled with fun and adventure. But the team at Ford Motor Company is out to shatter that stereotype with the 2017 C-Max Hybrid SE, which the Blue Oval is promoting as the "fun-to-drive hybrid" going into the new year. And just in time for 2017, Ford is offering C-Max Hybrid SE's for lease at only $63 a month.New 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid SE available now for lease!

Coupled with its eco-friendly features, the five-door C-Max Hybrid SE is sure to appeal to a wide range of drivers. Its power-split hybrid architecture enables its lithium-ion battery and 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas-powered engine to work independently or in tandem, utilizing the generator and motor. The C-Max Hybrid, powered by  provides 188 combined horsepower and can even top 85 mph speeds when in all-electric mode, a feat not many vehicles can best. For that reason alone, it's no wonder that Ford's coined it as the fun-to-drive hybrid.

To keep numbers in check while on the road, drivers can monitor their performance in real time using SmartGauge® with EcoGuide and Brake Coach. Drivers who want to fast, but fear the repercussions that come with
braking, need not fear: Ford's ensured that even decelerating is efficient, an accomplishment that owes itself to regenerative braking. The innovation recovers over 94 percent of the energy normally lose through friction brakes and engine drag, and actually sends it back to the battery for use at a later time. As an extra-helpful precaution, the Brake Coach feature takes drivers through the steps to brake in a way that best utilizes the Regenerative Braking System. Other features of the SmartGauge include Energy History, Energy Coach and Efficiency Leaves, which all contribute to the greater system that assists drivers with improving performance on the road long-term. 

Special to the C-Max Hybrid, the EcoSelect feature also facilitates greater efficiency for operation. Gone are the days of aggressive heating and cooling, which can disrupt one's driving experience. Drivers will also enjoy less jarring acceleration and behavioral changes in the engine as a result of the feature, which is operable with the simple push of a button on the center console. 

Sign your lease and drive off into 2017 with the C-Max Hybrid SE, available now at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.