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new ford mustang for sale seattle bellevue washingtonIn 1965 Ford introduced the Washington market to pony power - with its Mustang delivering a potent six-cylinder engine, an advanced alternator system, and a rear-wheel-drive. While each generation has seen the rise (and fall) of some of these specs, the RWD has proved enduring. It is the cornerstone on which this fleet rests.

That may change.

According to The Drive, Ford is contemplating a class-shattering upgrade for its seventh generation Mustang. In 2021 it may choose to add an all-wheel system, allowing consumers (for the first time) to experience something beyond a RWD. This has left many riders - understandably - shaken, but the Big Blue Oval insists that there’s value in the idea.

By changing the car’s architecture - the chassis will be completely revised for this version, with Ford borrowing elements from its Explorer to ensure a more balanced wheel alignment and a wider fender profile - new performance metrics will be possible. The high-output torque, it’s argued, can be controlled with greater precision; and cornering will prove easier, thanks to an even distribution of traction among the 17-inch A/S tires. This could allow the Mustang to exceed its current capabilities (475 HP) and provide top-tier power.

We must admit: that sounds intriguing.

What do you think, Seattle? Does this AWD Mustang win your approval? Share your opinions with us today!