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The future of performance is almost here - with Ford unveiling plans to launch a new F-Series fleet by 2020. Mere years separate Seattle consumers from class-leading power.

Are you ready?

According to Torque News, Ford will soon deliver a refreshed F-Series line-up to North America. Despite only recently revising the F-150, F-250, and all of its Super Duty siblings (an aluminum-alloy body was launched in 2015, signaling a shift in half-ton performance and shedding more than 700 pounds from the chassis), the Big Blue Oval intends to completely reinvent its top-selling fleet.

Why? Torque News explains that Ford isn’t content to rely on its current success (the F-Series ranks as America’s leading pick-up, generating more than $40 billion in 2017 alone). Instead it wishes to propel its brand even further - and, to do this, critics believe a full frame renovation will be ordered. A greater use of aluminum is anticipated, with reinforced panels and underbody components now expected to boast hefty composite percentages. Many believe that these trucks will achieve a streamlined profile, with up to 10% of their overall curb weights reduced.

Through this, Ford should be able to achieve best-in-class economy - with critics anticipating a total MPG increase of (at least) 5%. The possible standardization of the 10-speed automatic transmission will further enhance this number, eliminating resource-consuming down-shifts.

What do you think of this Ford announcement? Are you ready for the new F-Series? Share your opinions with us today!