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The acclaimed Ford Rouge Center recently achieved the status as landfill-free, a title that was awarded after two years of planning and diligent work. Out of all of the Blue Oval's complexes, the Rouge Center is the largest to go waste-free to landfill; the accolade marks the Rouge Center's latest in a punctuated history of sustainability achievement.

A landfill-free designation is not handed out like candy - it's only given to a facility that sends absolutely no manufacturing waste to landfills. As Gary Johnson, the manufacturing vice president of Ford North America said in a released statement, "It's an incredible achievement. With 16 million square feet of factory floor space and approximately 7,000
employees it was a challenge, but we've succeeded in finding solutions for our manufacturing waste streams." As a result of the company's efforts, the Rouge Center can now prevent over 14 million pounds of waste from ending up in landfills. That's enough to fill over 4,400 Ford F-150 truck beds completely! Learn more about Ford's sustainability efforts in the video below:

It's not shocking that the Rouge Center added another title to its collection. Since 2004, it's been a paragon of modern sustainable manufacturing - a closed-loop recycling system made its debut two years ago, which recycles up to 20 million pounds of aluminum stamping scrap each month; the Rouge also sports one of the largest living roofs worldwide, which decreases energy usage by moderating plant temperatures season over season.

The Rouge Center isn't an anomaly in the Ford family, though; its six facilities are part of 74 total around the world that are going 
true zero waste to landfill. The benefits of the waste elimination go beyond environmental and also radiate to business-related aspects of the company. In a century where climate change is
a concern for many, eco-friendly efforts are taken seriously and can make a difference for buyers. 

Want to learn more about Ford's sustainability efforts? Visit Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and speak to one of our dealers today.