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The next five years are on track to be big for Ford and its expansion within Indian markets. Representatives for the Blue Oval recently announced the company's investment of 13 billion rupees ($195 million) through 2021 in a technology and business center that will be housed in Chennai, India. The center will be purposed to provide business services and design solutions for mobility. Back in the States, recruiters at Ford's facility in Dearbon, Michigan plan to hire 3,000 new employees and bring in 9,000 from other centers in Chennai to operate the new facility, which should be up and running by 2019. Take a peek at Ford's work in India in the video below which highlights the Ford Mustang:

Although emerging markets such as India are heavily influenced by brands like Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and Hyundai Motor Co, Ford's move is strategic - small, powerful cars with low ticket prices are favored in the area, and Ford has a wide collection of models to showcase to drivers. Couple that with the data that predicts India to become the third-largest market globally by 2020, and the prospects are even more enticing. The construction of a center in India - Ford's second-largest technology setup beyond its international headquarters - will support the brand's expansion efforts and enable future product testing in the increasingly lucrative area; development plans include space for laboratories and testing facilities for parts and vehicles, as well as dedicated space for teams to dive into financial and data analytics. "India is not only a vibrant market for cars and new mobility ideas, it also is rich with talent, technical expertise and ingenuity," Bill Ford, Ford's executive chairman, said in a statement shared by

Drivers in the States need not worry nor wait for the expansion, though - a stop at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington is all it takes to find your next vehicle today.