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You squint at a monitor - brow furrowed, lips puckered. It’s a look of utter concentration… and complete frustration. On your screen sits an image that can’t be deciphered. Its pixels are too grainy and its scale is too small; and you feel a groan bubbling in your throat.

The Sound Ford team knows your pain. We’ve been experiencing it all morning.

According to Motor One, a new Ford crossover has been spotted in Nevada - with its lean body camouflaged and its badges hidden. There is no clue to its identity, and this has caused a series of debates across the online world. Some believe this to be the 2019 Escape (citing its notched rear windows and five-door profile); others instead think it’s the upcoming Edge (noting the slim fenders and low roofline); and more still call it an entirely new platform (perhaps sourced from Europe).

We’ll confess: we’re not sure.

As Motor One explains, however, there is little chance that this is the 2019 Edge. That vehicle has already been seen on the auto festival circuit - so there would be no reason for Ford to camouflage it now. A new Escape seems the most likely possibility, with this platform's profile sharing similarities with the Australian Kuga (a five-passenger crossover that boasts a twin-scroll 2.0L EcoBoost engine).

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