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Spotted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado: The Ford F-150, caught in the midst of high-altitude testing. Sources report that versions of the F-150 captured in the mountainous terrain were, as notes, "in various states of undress: some in the production forms we've already seen, some with one manner or another of visible modifications, and one with rather heavy camouflage enveloping the entire front end."

For Ford enthusiasts, it's not entirely clear what the objective - or objectives - of the testing aims to achieve. But given the F-150's track record, it promises to deliver. 
After all, it nearly goes without saying that the F-150 is a powerhouse in the truck realm. The F-150 boasts sales results that trump the combined sales of all of the full-size trucks produced by Ford's competitors in Japan, in addition to sales that surpass Ram trucks, Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras. Watch the F-150 in action in the video below:

The success of the F-150 is certainly warranted. Although Ford established the F-150's reputability over recent years, its team has avoided getting too comfortable. Ford's ongoing pursuit for improvement and innovation - as illustrated in its recent powertrain upgrades - is a testament to its esteemed position in the automotive world. It's a suspenseful guessing game as to what these latest improvements mean for F-150 drivers, but one's bated breath is sure to be worth the wait. Until the news is officially released, bide your time by test-driving our selection of F-150s at Sound Ford in Renton, Washington today.