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The era of mid-size power has begun - with Ford introducing drivers to its 2018 Fusion SE. This sedan embraces a new kind of performance, bringing nimble handling and turbocharged speed to each mile. Satisfaction is no longer a luxury. It’s instead guaranteed with every downtown adventure.

According to Digital Trends, Ford seeks to reinvigorate both the mid-size market and its own Fusion fleet. This is no easy goal - but the 2018 SE should prove ready for the challenge. Boasting two engine options (a 181 HP 1.5L EcoBoost and a 240 HP 2.0L EcoBoost), this sedan will deliver unprecedented power. Drivers can expect turbocharged performance, as well an available AWD. This will ensure impeccable cornering in Seattle, with direct-injection technology maximizing every rev. 17-inch tires will offer precise responses, while AdvanceTrac stability control will eliminate concerns of roll-motion or wheel slippage.

Ford provides more than engine prowess, however. Instead it pairs the 2018 Fusion SE with a six-speed rotary-style automatic transmission. This allows drivers to effortlessly switch gears, adapting to changing roadways with the flick of a wrist. No longer struggle to achieve the right setting. This sedan is instead engineered for fluid performance.

Want to test it out? Visit our dealership today for further information about the new Fusion SE!