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It’s a V6 tradition - with Ford anchoring its Mustang with inline-performance and steady power. While every year has yielded chassis tweaks and suspension upgrades, the chrome core of this pony has remained the same… until now.

According to Automotive World, Ford is breaking its V6 cycle. No longer will this be the engine of choice for the Mustang, with the 2018 variant instead receiving an upgrade across its entire line-up (including the Premium, GT, and Fastback) . Prepare for the arrival of the V8.

High-performance now defines the pony-car. Beneath the hood sits a 5.0L V8, capable of generating more than 450 HP. A class-exclusive dual intake system - which pairs low-pressure port technology and direct-injection capability - delivers premium power, while an available turbocharger promises maximum thrust (the estimated 0 to 60 time is five seconds). All of this combines with a new 10-speed automatic transmission, which allows drivers to seamlessly adapt to every track turn.

The introduction of a standard V8 engine was (at first) met with disbelief. After all, the Mustang has served as the premier fastback for more than 50 years - and such a radical change seemed unwarranted. The promise of class-shattering capability, however, has left the critics impressed; and we know that Seattle drivers will soon embrace this change as well.

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