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Power is often unleashed, but there is also value in its packaged form. Case in point: Ford announced that it is offering power packages for drivers with their eyes on the GT Mustangs or current-gen EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo vehicles, neither of which have a negative effect on one's warranty. Even more appealing are the variety of upgrade options available for the GT Mustangs, offering buyers an appealing selection to take their pick from.

For those interested in the EcoBoost four-cylinder, take note of its performance calibration kit. According to, the kit's peak gains are notable – 25 hp and 70 lb-ft – but the off-peak upgrades are eyebrow-raising as well, clocking in at 100 more hp at 6,000 rpm, "when the 2.3-liter normally drops off, and in the middle ranges you're looking at gains of 40 hp and 60 lb-ft," Autoweek's Jake Lingeman reports.

In contrast, the GT Mustang offers a trifecta of upgrade options to appease any driver. Ranging from $599 to $2,395, all three packages throw in a no-lift shift function and up the redline to 7,500 rpm. While the least expensive option highlights a high-flow air filter, the middle package features a full cold-air intake. For those who want the bells and whistles, the highest tier package boasts an ECU tune, which has a total of 472 hp and 405 lb-ft of 
torque, and includes the aforementioned packages' perks as well. Take a peek at the EcoBoost in the video below:

Consider your interest piqued? Visit Sound Ford Washington today and find out which car – and upgrade – is the perfect match for you.