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Every road proves different - stretching out over asphalt and sandy ridges, hills and low vales. The miles promise twists and turns, and each brings its own challenges for drivers. The need for custom performance, therefore, is essential, with powertrains pieced together with the greatest of care.

Ford agrees - which is why it’s fused the 2017 F-350 Super Duty with a series of add-ons. Now Seattle drivers can create the perfect pick-ups, ensuring that every slap of the tires is optimized for their travels.

As AutoWeek explains, the new F-350 has been fitted with a suite of custom options - each meant to enhance performance and ensure all-terrain capability. 17-inch forged aluminum wheels deliver superior grippage on slick roadways, while a 4.30 limited slip axle provides a more balanced ride. Integrated fog lamps, LED box lights, and rear defrosters battle the elements; electronic shift-of-the-fly steering accommodates changing conditions; and a high-definition trailer tow camera pairs with a periscoping jack, allowing drivers to more efficiently secure their payloads.

Each of these elements - available with the exclusive XLT Package - enables the 2017 F-350 to excel, ensuring that it achieves its 16,200-pound trailering output with ease. This V8 powerhouse can be tailored to every possible need.

Want to learn more about it? Contact us today for further information about this and other Super Duty models.