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When the neighbor of Steve von Foerster, Ford’s former Head of Engineering, called the cops on him for the early-morning rumbles of his Mustang GT, he knew he had to find a solution for the ongoing disturbance.

The growl of the V8 powertrain is almost as iconic as the pony car itself, so the thought of silencing it completely is blaspheming. But Von Foerster developed a solution that will keep you and everyone on your block happy. The industry-first Quiet Start feature - AKA “Good Neighbor Mode” - enables drivers to set specific times of day for when their Mustang GT should roar and when it should simply meow. See how it works in the video below.

In league with lawn mowers, howling dogs, and garage bands, revving engines rank among the most bothersome neighborhood noises. While Ford can’t silence the yappy chihuahua next door, it can help you be considerate to those living around you.

Using an active performance exhaust system, Quiet Start closes valves to dampen the sound of the 5.0-liter 435 hp engine at your command. Through smart technology, you can manually schedule low-volume time, so that early morning departures and light night arrivals won’t rouse your cul-de-sac mates from their slumber.

Learn more about the Mustang at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington or check out our current inventory online, which includes both new and used models.