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Is this the future of utility? Along the Michigan streets critics and drivers have gathered - trying to catch a glimpse of the 2019 Ford Explorer. They’re peeking around every corner, and they have their cameras poised for a picture-perfect reveal.

They won’t have to wait long.

According to Auto World News, the 2019 Explorer has made its debut. This platform was recently spotted darting from highway to highway, delivering a bold new style. The wheelbase has been extended to ensure a rally-profile; while the grille features a more prominent crosshair insert, emphasizing the widened fenders and industry-leading headlamps. Camouflage was draped across the entire frame - but keen-eyed critics were able to decipher the use of aluminum paneling. This should provide superior efficiency, reducing overall weight and yielding greater mileage outputs (no official specs have yet been released).

To further impress SUV fans, the 2019 Explorer also offered a throaty rumble on the road - suggesting an enhanced powertrain. The possibility of a 3.5L V6 proves very high, and EcoBoost technology is anticipated to strengthen the FWD.

No production date has been provided for the new Explorer - but, with the prototype already finding its way onto the U.S. streets, we know that Ford is gearing up for a major campaign. Expect to see it soon.

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