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ford smart mobility solutions seattle washingtonDo you ever leave your home with just the right amount of time to drive to your destination across town, only to hit every red light along the way and end up late? Clearly it’s a concern to some degree because there’s a new technology that addresses this nuisance, and Ford Motor Company plans to get involved, according to Carscoops.

Utilizing cars connected via smartphone for real-time traffic updates, and installed roadside units, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory is a system that learns the timing of traffic lights where the user is driving and provides an optimal driving speed to “ride the green wave.” Not only would this cut down on drive time for commuters – and possibly even traffic violations – but could reduce traffic congestion, fuel usage and exhaust emissions from idling.

Ford prides itself on keeping with the latest advances in technology, so it’s desire to test and possibility utilize this innovation isn’t much of a surprise. While it’s yet to be determined what Ford vehicles will include the GLOSA once it becomes available, drivers can be assured that, if it shows itself viable, Ford will see it through.

In the meantime, you can find a variety of upgraded technologies available on the vehicles offered here at Sound Ford, including our latest offering of Ford hybrid cars.