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The votes are tallied and the results are in, and Ford is sweeping up awards at this year's SEMA. After adding up thousands of votes cast by the exhibiting manufacturers present at the show, the Specialty Equipment Market Association presented Ford with top prizes for the hottest coupe (Ford Mustang), the hottest hatch (Ford Focus), and the hottest truck (Ford F-Series). They joined the Jeep Wrangler (hottest SUV) and Dodge Charger (hottest sedan) on the podium at an exclusive celebratory breakfast the second day of the show. According to a report by, the range of awards are "designed to 'guide consumers toward the hottest-trending and most accessory friendly vehicles on the market.'" Learn more about the winning Mustang in the Ford's SEMA preview video below:

An air of deja vu accompanied the award ceremony, given that last year's event also crowned the Mustang, F-Series and Focus with the hottest car, hottest truck and hottest sport compact awards, respectively. The back-to-back prizes are impressive, but not surprising: the Mustang's scooped up awards for the past five years, and the F-Series has stolen the show in six out of the past seven years. Additionally, 2016 marks the second year in a row that one automaker reported three out of the five top awards. 

Get behind the wheel of any of these SEMA award-winning vehicles at your leisure - simply stop by Sound Ford in Renton, Washington today!

Give the people what they want: based on aggregated reports of customer demand, Ford's chief executive, Mark Field, recently announced that the firm is phasing out small car production in the U.S. by 2018 and will also shift its focus to SUVs and pickups – vehicles that customers are gravitating towards. For drivers who are loyal to Ford's cars, though, Fields assured that those models will still remain a part of the firm's lineup in some capacity.

Through this approach, Fields shared that Ford's lineup of available vehicles will reflect drivers' current needs and trends, rather than try to persuade them to purchase certain vehicles. Moving forward, sources indicate that Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant will be revamped to build the next-generation Bronco as well as the new Range pickup, rather than shut its doors.

“You can only go so far in terms of trying to entice customers to purchase those kinds of products. We'll focus on some of the segments where customers are migrating towards, whether it's SUVs or pickup trucks, and we're doing nicely there,” Fields told Automotive News
Watch the video below to learn more:

Despite the shift, trucks and SUVS remain a popular choice for drivers at Sound Ford in Renton, Washington. As Seattle's premier Ford dealership with an extensive inventory of new and preowned vehicles - many of which are trucks and SUVs - there are options that work with any owner's budget and lifestyle. Looking for a truck or SUV? Visit Sound Ford Washington today.
ford vehicles seattle washingtonThe fact that the honeybee population – which is vital to the planet’s ecosystem – has been on steep decline in the United States for the last three decades, is not at all lost on Ford, who works hard to stay involved in environmental restoration projects.

So, it really comes as no surprise that the Ford Rouge Complex in Detroit is home to over 80,000 honeybees as part of the company’s wildlife habitat strategy – the Heritage 2000 program – which began in the early 2000s. Fifteen years ago, efforts were made to green-up the Rouge facility, which employed an architect and sustainability designer to give the complex a total makeover. Among the renovations made was the planting of crabapple trees, which, incidentally, are great for honeybee pollination.

According to Ford Media Center, Mary Mason, a Ford safety investigation engineer, brought some of her own bees to join the colony and has cared for all of the honeybees voluntarily for the past three years. “I think it’s wonderful Ford is so environmentally connected, and that officials are interested in how the company affects its community,” she says. “I just love that they’re letting me keep the bees here. It’s important they’re protected.”

We are Sound Ford are also proud to be a part of a company that puts its community first, and adhere to the same priorities right here in the Seattle area. 
Ford STEAM Experience seattle washingtonScience, technology, engineering, art and math : all are critical aspects of education. But many communities are lacking in means to truly challenge students in these areas. Ford Motor Company recognizes this need.

Over three decades of inspiring youth – an inspiration after the heart of Henry Ford himself for a better world – has cumulated into Ford’s STEAM Experience. Ford Motor Company fosters a commitment toward cultivating interest in American youth to pursue science, technology, engineering, art and math. The company wants to see the legacy of innovation its created continue through generations to come.

Among the STEAM programs are those like Ford High School Science and Technology Program and Ford Next Generation Learning – both of which work to provide hands-on learning experiences through mentorship. Additional programs help to inspire youth where challenges and life-altering educational experiences are limited. Those programs include:
  • FIRST Robotics
  • Destination Imagination
  • Girls Who Code
  • Girls’ Fast Track Races

The long-term goal is for these children to discover a passion and drive for one or more of these focus areas, so they will passionately seek a career guided toward creativity and innovation, paving the way of the future. You can find out more on the Ford STEAM Experience website. 
Ford F-150 TrucksSince 2011, Ford Motor Company has been an industry leader when it comes to trucks that can go further and do more, selling more than one-million F-150 trucks in the past five years.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Ford if they didn’t constantly work to improve the quality vehicles offered. They’re latest innovation? The all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine and first volume-production 10-speed automatic transmission that provide the “boost” truck enthusiasts have been waiting for, improving EPA fuel economy label estimates across the board.

Why are those EPA fuel economy label estimates so important? Fuel economy estimates the number of miles per gallon that a vehicle will consume. A more efficient engine and transmission mean more miles per gallon. With better fuel economy, consumers save money on gasoline, it reduces our dependence on oil and helps us to use this dwindling resources more wisely, and has less of an effect on the environment. All of which are a priority for Ford.

At Sound Ford, we offer the 2017 Ford F-150 truck with the all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. We’ll get you the best mileage possible with that or other Ford vehicles that boast great fuel economy. We proudly emulate Ford’s position on saving you money and helping the environment.
Ford F-150 TruckSome things are quite a bit better the second time around. Leftover Thanksgiving turkey as a sandwich with mayo and cheese, falling in love the second time (because that first time in high school couldn’t even compare), the second job offer showing the first one wasn’t a fluke, the second marathon, watching Inception for the second time…. The list goes on.

So it’s no wonder that the second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine in the 2017 Ford F-150 is better! First, it delivers 50 pounds-per-foot more of peak torque compared to the first (470 pounds-per-foot total). What’s incredible is that this beats competitors – including diesel-powered, gas-powered and even V8 engines! And the 375 horsepower is 10 higher than the previous EcoBoost engine.

The enhancements don’t stop there. The improved EcoBoost engine has a new twin-port and direct-injection fuel strategy. It also has a redesigned variable-displacement oil pump, twin turbocharger with electronic wastegate and valvetrain components that are both lighter and stronger.

Since the Ford F-150 is the only truck in its segment to come with a twin-turbocharged gas engine, the improvements to the EcoBoost engine in the 2017 models make it top tier in its class. Ford F-150 owners will save more than 110 million gallons of gas over the next year because of more than one million F-150s with the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. This second time around is making a big impact!
Ford F-150 TruckMore control and smoother transitions – those are the deliverables with Ford Motor Company’s new 10-Speed Automatic Transmission, now available as standard with the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine in the 2017 Ford F-150 trucks. It will also be available in the new Ford Raptor and Camaro ZL1.

The 10R80 transmission provides an overdrive ratio in ninth gear of 0.689 and 0.636 in tenth gear. This eight percent drop makes the downshift from tenth to nineth gear nearly imperceptible. Each gear has incredible benefits to the driver; tenth will provide awesome control on a wide range of highway conditions, while ninth gear finds significant usefulness in the transmission’s Tow/Haul and Sport modes. Eight gear has a ratio of 0.854, making it an overdrive gear as well.

The 10-speed transmission is available in both the 4x2 and 4x4 Ford F-150 models. The patented hydraulic controls and adaptive shift-scheduling algorithms will provide the right gear in any number of driving conditions by real-time monitoring of more than 12 powertrain and driver control signals.

This new transmission is also the first from Ford without the use of cast-iron components and employing an integrated torque converter/turbine clutch, making it lighter and improving shift performance. 
Ford STEAM Experience seattle washingtonWho says racing is for boys?

The Girl Scouts councils in Florida, Southeast Michigan, Northeast Texas and Northern New Jersey would likely disagree with anyone that asserted such a claim; as would Ford Motor Company.

And to prove it, the two organizations are teaming up to provide Girls’ Fast Track Races to 200 Brownies and 200 Juniors from each of the four Girl Scout councils. As a part of the Ford STEAM Experience program, the Fast Track program will allow these young girls the chance to build their own track race cars and expand their knowledge of engineering and automotive science. Encouraging creativity and motivating the following of dreams, those participating will compete, learn and excel.

“We believe that all young children have an aptitude for technical subjects,” says Tracy Magee, Ford’s primary brand experiential manager, according to the Ford Motor Company Media Center. “What’s often lacking is the encouragement and additional support to succeed. Ford is deeply committed to education and, through creative programs such as the Girls’ Face Track Races, we hope to spark excitement among the you and inspire them to pursue future careers in high-tech fields.”

As such, the goal overall is to give these girls a brighter future, and spark innovation for the entire community. 
Ford community involvement seattle washingtonMarking the 10th anniversary of the Ford Volunteers Corp, the Bill Ford Better World Challenge was launched last year. As an extension of this challenge, Ford Motor Company designated September Ford Global Caring Month, in which around 20,000 Ford  volunteers will conduct community service projects all around the world. These year’s projects include:

Since last year’s launch, members of the Ford Volunteer Corp have represented $29 million of in-kind community investments in 48 countries through more than one million hours of community service. This years’ projects included:
  • Renovations of a secondary school in Angola
  • Work on the grounds for a Salvation Army family retreat in Australia
  • Renovating a nursery, daycare and library in Columbia
  • Construction work at a high school and the development of urban gardens in Germany
  • Renovations to a senior citizens home in India
  • Building water storage, feeding the hungry and renovating an orphanage in Mexico
  • Renovating homes for children in South Africa
  • Rebuilding a water system in Thailand
  • Modernizing a mental health facility in the United Kingdom
  • 160 community activities across 16 states in the United States
  • Additional work in Cambodia, Malaysia, Guam and Samoa

Additionally, Ford Fund contributed grants totaling $700,000 for the supplies needed to complete each of the projects.

“The positive, powerful impact this work has on people and communities is remarkable,” says Janet Lawson, director of the Ford Volunteers Corps, according to the Ford Motor Company Media Center. “Each year a better world comes into sharper focus through the caring efforts of Ford employees and our nonprofit partners.”

Sound Ford believes in taking initiative to make the world a better place, right here in the Seattle area. We pride ourselves on community involvement as well -- upholding the standard of excellence that comes with being an industry leader.

Ford Works to Maintain Upward Momentum With its Luxury and Small Vehicle Brands

(Posted on Oct 14, 2016 at 12:25PM )
Ford Lincoln Continental seattle washingtonWhile Ford Motor Company certainly gets kudos for success in the truck and utility vehicle sectors of the industry, there are areas of its core business that – by Ford’s high standards – are underperforming. So the company is working diligently to change that notion.

One of the company's main focal points is its Ford luxury brand. This means taking the Lincoln series up in caliber to differentiate it as a world-class luxury vehicle, both in product and in client experience.

The last four years of work have already sent the Lincoln series on an upward trajectory, with global sales increasing by 77 percent since 2012. Ford released four new Lincoln series vehicles during that time, showing vast improvement in quality and customer service in the U.S. In fact, Lincoln now outranks the Lexus as the top rated brand on the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Ford is looking to increase profits in the small vehicle sector too. Ambitions include improving brand resonance, designs tailored to the target market, reducing the manufacturing complexity of the vehicles and decreasing costs.

Improvements have already shown extremely favorable even over the past year with the Ford Focus model. There is a 99.9 percent complexity reduction projected over the next few years– from 200,000 in 2015 to 300 for 2017 models all the way down to an anticipated 30 for the next-generation Ford Focus. Savings is expected to be approximately $300 per car.

And, of course, savings on the manufacturing side means savings for the consumer as well!
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