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Families living in a modern world often are on the pulse of what's new and up-and-coming. But even trendsetters know that when it comes to vehicles, aesthetic takes a backseat to security and reliability. Ford's all-new EcoSport gives you the best of both worlds, though, as demonstrated in the Blue Oval's latest commercial. Right on time for the recent release of Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” the fun, capable and connected compact SUV appears with characters from the popular movie; the 30-second spot spotlights its various features and benefits that are impactful both for little ones and their own guardians.

Watch the commercial to see the EcoSport in action with Groot, the beloved character from "Guardians," in the video below!

The EcoSport's spacious interior, aerodynamic elements and athletic design are only a few of its easily discernible features. But some of its greatest assets, such as BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert, and Auto Start-Stop Technology (a function that can help decrease fuel consumption and emissions), are less visible from first glance.

The brand new EcoSport hits lots nationwide in early 2018. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!
2018 ford explorer seattle washingtonWhen it comes to car shopping, you'd be hard-pressed to find a driver who doesn't value safety. At Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington, we offer a variety of new and used SUVs that are engineered to keep your loved ones safe. The 2018 Ford Explorer, in particular, boasts an all-new Safe and Smart Package that fuses high-demand driver-assist features. The best part? The features are available for a great value.

The Explorer's spotlighted package includes the following and much more:

  • A combination of brake support, adaptive cruise control and collision warning that detects vehicles in motion via radar; it can change the car's cruising speed if need be.
  • Blind Spot Information System, which also engages a radar to alert drivers when another motorist drifts into their blind spot.
  • Cross-traffic alert, a radar-based feature that helps alert drivers to oncoming traffic as they back out of a parking space.
  • Windshield wipers that can sense the presence of rain.
Although the all-new Explorer doesn't debut until fall 2017, you can get a feel for the vehicle by test-driving any of the Explorers at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. Check back soon for more information on the 2018 Explorer!
2016 ford explorer seattle washingtonHear that? It's a Ford SUV, calling your name from the lot at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. Come down to the lot and buy or lease one today - according to new statistics, you won't be the only one. Enhanced active park assist, which utilizes ultrasonic sensors, and electric power-assisted steering are only a couple of the standout features that make the newest Ford Explorer an SUV to watch, putting the SUV class as a whole on the up-and-up amongst buyers.

According to Ford, the SUV segment is anticipated to grow by over 45 percent of the non-premium U.S. retail auto industry in the next five to seven years, especially amongst millennials and baby boomers. By that time, the Blue Oval will have rolled out five brand new SUVs to its domestic lineup.

Although the 2018 Explorer isn't part of that debut, it's sure to dazzle even after its time in the spotlight. The SUV sports upgraded front and rear styling embellishments, more options all around and advanced technology, which includes an available 4G embedded modem that can support up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Don't wait until they're all sold out. Claim your Ford SUV at Sound Ford today!
2018 ford expedition for sale seattle washingtonNeed a new or used SUV that can handle large loads and big groups of people? Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington offers Ford Expeditions that fit the bill and exceed expectations. The vehicle's popularity and output made it a fitting option when Ford began developing Special Service Vehicles for law enforcement usage; as a result, the all-new 2018 Expedition SSV was recently unveiled.

Sporting vinyl seats, a strong aluminum-alloy body and more, the Expedition SSV is a powerhouse made to haul heavy without compromising hustle. It includes an upgraded powertrain and plenty of smart technology and space to fit a variety of needs on-the-go.

Fleet, government and law enforcement representatives will have the opportunity to drive the new capable and adaptable SSVs, but there's no need to fret. The 2018 Expedition is still available for buyers in its original, consumer-friendly form. Not only is it able to seat up to eight, it also has a 
3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine and gets up to 375 hp. A 10-speed automatic transmission and 470 lb-ft of torque give the SUV even more prowess, despite its larger size.

Find out more about the all-new Expedition at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!
2018 Ford EcoSport for sale seattle washingtonBig things are on the horizon for the compact EcoSport SUV, a vehicle that Ford crafted to 'go small while living big.' The SUV is one that will benefit from the Blue Oval's all-new streaming technology.

In the EcoSport, where interior space is limited, the new streaming upgrade will upheave the way that passengers listen to music on the road. Given that Millennials overwhelmingly prefer subscription and streaming services than the alternative - CDs, in particular - the new EcoSport will feature an option for streaming technology, removing the original CD player in the vehicle altogether. The streaming update will provide users with a variety of choices on demand, while increasing the capacity to hold personal items and devices and allowing the touch screen to stay more upright.

Although CDs are not completely obsolete yet, Ford's removal of the CD player is supported by data that advocates for digital music. The 2016 Nielsen Mid-Year U.S. Music Report, for example, shares that overall consumption of downloaded and streamed music is up 15 percent, whereas physical album sales have decreased by 10 percent. 

In addition to the streaming technology for a more enhanced music experience, the EcoSport will also include an available Wi-Fi hotspot and SYNC Connect® with FordPass®. Learn more about what's on tap for the EcoSport at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
2018 Ford Expedition for sale seattle washingtonAdding to the 2018 Ford Expedition's fresh-off-the-assembly-line appeal is the simultaneous introduction of dual-headrest rear seat entertainment system monitors, which will make their debut in the all-new Expedition. The advanced technology will redefine on-the-go entertainment, allowing passengers to stream live movies, videos and shows from a satellite system or home cable.

The innovation is evidently visible through its two eight-inch monitors that are nestled into the back of the front-seat headrests. Passengers will be able to connect to the monitors using their mobile devices, having the option to select from a variety of sources to view content (such as a DVD player, HDM and more).

Interested in games, rather than shows? The new system makes gaming a viable option as well, thanks to the availability of an HDMI port. And in case you feel like stretching your legs, the system's connectivity extends wireless signals to 50 feet when the Expedition's available Wi-Fi hotspot is activated.

The 2018 Ford Expedition isn't the only SUV that will benefit from Ford's new technology. Stay tuned to learn more, and stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to test-drive the Expeditions on our lot today.
2018 Ford Expedition for sale seattle washingtonFord is making streams come true.

Thanks to the Blue Oval's keen attention to the needs and desires of its customers, all-new, advanced technology will soon be available in Ford SUVs to enable live TV and music streaming, broadening the horizons for passengers seeking entertainment in-transit. According to stats listed on a Ford statement, one in three consumers in the U.S. currently utilize streaming services for music.

“Increasingly, our on-the-go customers are streaming music and television to their personal devices,” Michael O’Brien, Ford SUV's Group Marketing manager, said in the same statement. “We’re meeting this demand in our biggest and smallest SUVs.”

The all-new Expedition is one of them. Beginning this fall, a Wi-Fi hotspot will be available for the SUV that can support up to 10 devices simultaneously, allowing passengers in tow to watch live TV via SlingPlayer™ on one of the two video screens built into the vehicle.

Stay tuned to learn more about the SUVs that are benefiting from Ford's new streaming technology, and visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.
2018 Ford ExpeditionReplicating the comfort of your living room in a vehicle is a tall order, but Ford's all-new Expedition gets pretty darn close. The new SUV, which rolls out at dealerships this fall, is sure to delight drivers the moment they open its doors. With its spacious interior and ability to seat up to eight passengers, the Expedition is a no-brainer for both families and adventure seekers.

With the new Expedition, a trip of any length doesn't have to result in cramped legs and imposed personal space. The vehicle is the first full-size utility to incorporate a sliding seat in the second row, one that also has tip-and-slide functionality. The new feature may go unnoticed at first sight, but it makes a difference in the long run. Passengers trying to reach the third row won't have to deal with removing a child safety seat first, and every row will be able to enjoy greater legroom and reclining seats.

Don't have a lot of passengers, but have a lot of gear? The Expedition accounts for that as well. It only takes a push of a button to quickly fold down both the second- and third-row seats, creating a wider cargo berth that can accommodate 4x8-foot sheets of plywood, large equipment and more - without having to open the liftgate.

The Expedition’s all-new Terrain Management System™ also ups its adaptability factor, giving buyers greater versatility of drive modes - such as sport, tow/haul, mud/rut and more - to make any terrain or environmental condition a breeze to drive through. 

Our team at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington can provide additional information on the all-new Expedition. Cruise through and test-drive our SUVs available today!

The Lone Star state isn't so lonely anymore, thanks to the debut of the all-new Ford Expedition. The SUV is being unveiled at Ford Center at The Star in Texas with the help of the Dallas Cowboys' chief operating officer and executive vice president, Stephen Jones, who is introducing the stellar vehicle to the public. 

Jones and the Cowboys aren't strangers to the Blue Oval; the two entities came together last fall to revamp Station 43 for a crew of unexpected firefighters in Dallas. On the horizon is another surprise orchestrated by the Cowboys and Ford, which involves gifting the new Expedition to a local first responder. With that in mind, it makes sense for the Cowboys to bear the honor of debuting the brand-new SUV. Watch more in the vehicle below:

Ford enthusiasts, adventurers and big families are sure to take a liking to the new Expedition, which is offered in XLT, Limited and Platinum series. For fleet customers ranging from emergency services to law enforcement, an XL version will also be available. Regardless of which series catches your eye, all have plenty of interior room and can be amended to the extended-length Expedition MAX.

As Ford expands on its plans to broaden its SUV leadership within the next four years, the new Expedition fits perfectly into the trajectory. It's one of five new vehicles slated to come out in North America over the time frame and will be available for buyers this fall. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!

"Go Small, Live Big." The saying could apply to a wide range of concepts, but was recently coined as the tagline for Ford's latest venture - the EcoSport, a subcompact crossover that's geared towards millennial consumers. 

The foray is notable, considering that Ford often attracts off-roaders interested in award-winning trucks, like the F-Series family. But keeping up with what's trending and on the horizon, representatives for the Blue Oval recognized the niche millennial audience that is growing more prominent and influential by the minute, as well as their nascent needs for the road. Although millennials are the primary target audience, Michael O'Brien, Ford's SUV group marketing manager, noted that women and empty nester baby boomers are also part of the Blue Oval's desired demographic for the EcoSport. Introduce yourself to the EcoSport by watching the video below:

O'Brien also shared that the EcoSport serves "to introduce a vehicle desirable to mobile, connected consumers who want to experience things, not collect them" (as stated on The EcoSport's smaller size makes packing up and going - or rather, packing up and experiencing - an easier, streamlined process; hence, the "Go Small, Live Big" catchphrase. Going a step further, Ford catered to what app-eals to the millennial demographic by introducing the EcoSport via the popular Snapchat app. Ford reports that this is the first time a vehicle has been announced on the platform. The timing was also ideal for auto enthusiasts; the EcoSport was introduced ahead of AutoMobility LA, a new trade show in the automotive industry that featured Ford's CEO Mark FIelds at this year's event.

Buyers with particular tastes won't have to worry, as the new EcoSport offers four trim levels, 10 exterior color options, and seven options for ambient lighting. It also will be offered in a 1.0-liter
ecoboost engine that's two-wheel drive and a 2.0-liter engine wth a four-wheel drive.

The EcoSport won't roll into dealerships until early 2018, but interested drivers can stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to drive any crossover from our selection and learn more about what's to come.