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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
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2017 ford mustang gt for sale seattle washingtonForget about the need for speed - do you strive to feel alive when you drive? Head down to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today to test-drive our selection of 2017 Ford GT Mustangs, which bring the heat with a 5.0-liter V8 engine and 400 lb-ft of torque. The slick sports coupe is sure to turn heads, whether you buy new or used. 

The pony also packs some of the punch of its similarly named sibling, the all-new Ford GT, but is better equipped for the everyday driver. The latest model of the high-performance Ford GT highlights five modes for optimal performance, giving the 647 horsepower, carbon fiber supercar even more bells and whistles than before.

Ford's five modes for the GT are normal, wet, sport, track, and V-Max. 
“We focused on simplifying the experience,” Derek Bier, the manager of Ford GT, said. “Optimizing this car for just about any situation was critical, because ensuring owners always enjoy driving it was a top priority.”

Stay tuned to learn more about what makes the GT's modes stand out, and stop by Sound Ford to find your new Mustang GT in Seattle, Washington today!
2017 ford mustang for sale seattle washingtonOn your way to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington? Don't forget to take a spin in our selection of new and used Ford Mustang GT coupes, which epitomize functionality and prowess. The pony draws power from a 6-speed manual transmission 3.31 limited-slip rear axel, among a myriad of other features.

If you're looking for even more oomph, the Ford GT has a similar name to its Mustang counterpart, but brings even more to the track. With five driving modes, the 2017 GT bottles up five times the power into one sportscar. While normal mode handles everyday driving, wet deals with the elements; sport mode takes things up a notch for high-speed outings, while track mode is self-explanatory and V-Max is for maximum straight-line speed. The variety of modes ensures that no driving condition is left behind; a specialized instrument cluster display for each mode also upgrades one's driving experience overall.

According to 
Derek Bier, Ford GT's manager, “Optimizing this car for just about any situation was critical, because ensuring owners always enjoy driving it was a top priority.”

Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!

2017 Ford Mustang for sale seattle washingtonThe latest addition to Ford's SYNC 3 technology, which makes its debut in the Mustang, puts the Blue Oval on the 'write' track to appeal to Chinese consumers on a whole new level.

Courtesy of engineers from Ford's Research and Engineering Center in Nanjing, the SYNC 3's touch screen now has the capability to interpret the country's traditional handwriting system. With taps and swipes of one's finger, a driver can write out Mandarin characters to provide navigation directions and more. It's certainly an upgrade from before, when inputting Chinese characters via touch screen was only possible by tediously typing in pinyin (phonetic spellings of Chinese words using the alphabet) and selecting the correct characters out of all the possible pronunciations.

Since the Mustang is Ford's top-selling sports coupe in China, it was a fitting option to pilot the new innovation. 

“The Chinese version of SYNC 3 is far more than just a translation of a global technology,” Fisher Xu, the SYNC Supervisor for Ford Asia Pacific, said. “It’s really been localized to respond to a Chinese driver’s needs with a local point of view, from the voice commands that understand our accents and our habits, to the way we structure our statements. For instance, when you talk to a friend in China and they ask where you are, they’re really looking for a building name or a point of interest, not a street number. That’s probably different to other parts of the world, and SYNC 3 is smart enough to know this local preference, seamlessly.”

Stay tuned to learn more about Ford's newest technology, and visit Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to test-drive our selection of Mustangs today!

2017 ford mustang for sale seattle washingtonConsumers in China are in for a treat with Ford's updated SYNC 3 technology, which makes writing commands via touch screen a breeze. The innovation, initially introduced in the Mustang, notably increases efficiency for drivers in China - a rapidly growing market for the Blue Oval.

Given that Mandarin characters have their nuances, the process to simplify touch screen input wasn't a walk in the park. But the payoff is worth the effort. The new multi-modal handwriting feature enables users to write characters by hand, immediately recognizing each character stroke in real-time and translating it into a typeface. Automatic association technology was the real MVP behind Ford's technology, making it possible for the system to accurately interpret any number of writing habits and styles.

And when a driver or front-seat passenger is in a rush, the technology doesn't falter. SYNC 3 is able to read Chinese characters even when they're scribbled in angles of up to 15 degrees. Details like this are what take the upgrade from good to great - Ford's engineers truly kept the consumer in mind when crafting the feature. Of course, the technology wouldn't be complete if it was only restricted to written commands. Using enhanced voice recognition technology, SYNC 3 is also able to recognize Mandarin Chinese voice commands.

Interested in the new Mustang and all it has to offer? Luckily, you don't need to book a flight to China. Simply drop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to check out the ponies on our lot today.

Looking for a sports coupe that's destined for longevity? End your search with the 2017 Ford Shelby GT350. The sleek sports car nabbed a spot on's recently released '15 New Cars and Trucks That Will Still Be Cool In 2027' list, cementing its status as a vehicle that is bound to turn heads even years after its release. Catch last year's GT350R in action in the video below for reference:

As Autoblog's experts quip, "It’s this Mustang's old-school cool that will keep it on our wish lists for the next decade and beyond." The naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V8 hit 526 hp, with a redline that tops out beyond 8,000 rpm. It also sports a six-speed manual transmission - attached solely to the rear wheels - and a flat-plane crank. This GT is not for the faint of heart, but it is one for the books. It's safe to say that we'll be seeing this sports coupe on 'best of' lists for years to come.

Learn more about the GT350 at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today! 

2017 Ford GTAlthough the 2018 Ford GT Competition Series probably won't be purchased en masse anytime soon, its sleek design and innovative features are sure to impress any driver. In addition to an exposed carbon fiber lower body trim, the Competition Series boasts a specially made gloss carbon fiber stripe, A-pillars and mirror caps.

Even a brief glimpse inside of the sports car is enough to note the Series' luxe elements. The interior is lightweight, matching the vehicle's overall airiness, but is upholstered with 
Ebony Alcantara® suede on the instrument panel, headliner and seats.

Drivers nationwide will be able to order the specialty GT in six colors: Shadow Black, Frozen White, Ingot Silver, Liquid Blue, Liquid Grey and Triple Yellow. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
2017 Ford GT for sale seattle washingtonThe Ford GT Competition Series is calling Daytona home for a little while: the ultra-lightweight racing vehicle will take residence at the site of its Rolex 24 win back in January.

With an aerodynamic and lightweight design, the GT Competition Series was crafted to dominate on the race track. What the Blue Oval refers to as the "track fans' ultimate production car" builds upon what the standard GT introduced, but with less weight higher up in the vehicle and a closer center of gravity. Those two updates help hug the car closer to the track and live up to its 647 horsepower engine's true potential. 

Although the GT Competition Series is light, Ford's engineers didn't sacrifice quality and security. Bulkhead Gorilla Glass® behind the driver is considerably thinner and lighter than it is on other models, but can hold up against high-impact situations.

Check back for more information on the innovative GT Competitive Series, and learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington.
The Blue Oval's reboot of the short film "C’etait un Rendez-Vous" may only be nine minutes in length, but it features technological advances that were created out of decades of innovation. To celebrate the original clip's 40th anniversary, Ford's reboot is aptly named "Re-Rendez-Vous;" in addition to starring an all-new Mustang - complete with a 5.0-litre V8 fastback - the film also incorporates 360 views and virtual reality technology. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

The endeavor's payoff was worth the extra effort, but certainly came with its challenges. Notably, recreating the main components of the car's route in the film was difficult, since many of the roads used in the original film have long since become obsolete or have disappeared altogether. Despite the obstacles, the video is sure to delight viewers.

Learn more about the all-new Mustang at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!
2017 Ford Mustang for sale seattle washingtonThe overwhelming desire to drop everything and go after one's beloved is timeless. But the means of doing so have changed over the decades - from on foot to horse, from early-model automobiles to the variety of vehicles that zip through the streets today. Paying homage to the perpetuating, classic virtues of romance as well as the forward-looking cars of the future, Ford recently gave the short film “C’était un Rendez-Vous” a reboot for the present day.

In the original film from 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch shot a lover's daring drive through the streets of Paris in a white Mustang. The Blue Oval's reboot, titled "Re-Rendez-Vous," puts the spotlight on the new Ford Mustang

Stay tuned to learn how Ford incorporated innovative elements into the making of "Re-Rendez-Vous," and visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle Washington to test-drive the Mustangs on our lot today.
2017 Ford GT for sale seattle washingtonThe slogan that drives Ford Motor Company is "Go Further", but based on its latest patent, it could also be "GoPro." The automaker recently filed a patent for a new GoPro camera mount that is able to rotate cameras, obtain car information and more. The technology serves to simplify the process of recording driving footage for car enthusiasts who want to take their driving experiences behind the lens. 

As stated on the patent, the device has the potential to be mounted in various ways and locations, such as one's windshield or dashboard. It also is compatible with multiple cameras, expanding the limits of recording.

Another benefit of the mount is that its control may be relinquished to a passenger in the car, which could be helpful for filming another car in motion. It goes without saying that the mount would be especially handy for racers, who would reap the dazzling benefits of the camera footage as they speed around the track.

Learn more about the new patent - and the Blue Oval's other projects - at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!

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