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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
Plans for the Motown Museum's $50 million expansion recently received a hefty boost, thanks to a $6 million investment that Ford and UAW-Ford committed on November 18.

Residents and visitors to Detroit, Michigan need not worry that the Museum is moving from its current home on West Grand Boulevard. The original $50 million price tag for growth was slated to fund a 50,000-square-foot complex, which will be erected around the current Motown Museum. Now, with an extra $6 million available, there are even more opportunities for expansion and refinement. In particular, the contribution will go towards the Ford Motor Company Theater, a component of the new complex.

It's been a swift acceleration in progress and anticipated growth since the Motown Museum revealed its expansion plans; the news was publicly announced only one month prior. Building on its appeal to tourists, the museum's new complex will serve as a world-class tourist destination.
Its established history as the site of Motown Records' original studio and headquarters makes the site a prime place to build upon, in anticipation of the future.

The notable donation from Ford and Ford-UAW qualifies them as leads donors on the Museum's project; their joint contribution will also provide necessary resources for music and educational programming that the Museum hopes to provide. In addition, part of the donation will facilitate a CARaoke Experience at the Museum that incorporates music with Ford-specific vehicles, for a more immersive experience.

Six million dollars are nothing to toss around lightly, but in the case of Ford and Ford-UAW's contribution, their donation of such an amount is only part of their overall investment in Detroit spending. The Motown Musem project is one of multiple community initiatives that Ford is supporting in 
2016, and part of $10 million that will go towards the city's spending in the next five years. Even more impressive, that $10 million is an addition to the $20 million dedicated to 2016 community initiatives alone. See how Ford's been making a difference in Detroit in the video below:

As Joe Hinrichs, Ford Americas president, said, “The enhanced museum will not only upgrade the visitor experience. It also fits with our commitment to investing in the cultural heritage of Detroit and southeast Michigan.”

Interested in Ford's community investments? Visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and see what's in store.


Ford is exploring the potential for a larger Explorer, according to sources who recently snapped shots of the next-generation vehicle testing on public roads.

Based on the captured shots, the new Explorer is tapping into the 'bigger is better' mentality, although that doesn't necessarily mean heavier. The Blue Oval has been striving to up the fuel economy and shave off weight from its selection of SUVs and crossovers, in order to adhere to the federally mandated 54.5 mpg fleet average fuel economy standard in the next nine years. 

As covertly captured photos of the Explorer's flat body panels show, the new crossover may maximize the use of aluminum across multiple components of the car's exterior, including the tailgate,
doors and hood. It's no secret that Alcoa and Novelis, who supply Ford with the aluminum for its vehicles, have been undertaking the challenge to create new aluminum blends that resist cracking - even if the metal is worked into shapes with deep curves or draws. reports that at this point, it's not confirmed whether or not this innovative blend is ready for mass production, but its development suggests that we'll be seeing it in use not too long from now. See the current Explorer model on-the-go in the video below:

Despite the likely changes, sources predict that the next-gen Explorer will keep its front-wheel drive (with an option for all-wheel drive); however, its probable design makes it a shoo-in for a new nine-speed automatic transmission that Ford developed in conjunction with General Motors, which gets points for its fuel-saving feature. The last time the Explorer underwent notable changes was during the 2011 modelyear, when it bore a likeness to the Ford Taurus sedan and Flex crossover with its front-wheel drive, unibody platform. 

Suspicions will be confirmed once the new Explorer makes its debut, which is predicted as early as summer 2018. To fill the gap in between now and that point, current models of the acclaimed crossover are available now at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to satiate any driver's appetite for a little bit of Exploring. 
When it comes to designing the cars of the future, Ford Motor Company's engineers need a little 'breathing room.' Enter Spatial, a Cincinnati-based startup that sprouted from Ohio soil less than one year ago. The company, still in its nascent stages of growth, certainly provides reason to believe that a 'Spatial' perspective is an effective one. Since relocating to Detroit, it's driven forward Ford's social intelligence technology innovations since joining forces with the Blue Oval, and notably embedded the technology into Ford's vehicle GPS and navigation systems. Fortune also named it one of the top 10 automotive startups of 2016.

Although Spatial's a young company, it's already left its footprint in the sand. Earlier in 2016, it was one of a dozen startups selected as part of Techstars Mobility class, a mentorship-driven accelerator program that hones in on next-gen mobility solutions. The three-month program included $120,000 in funding, detailed business development guidance, lessons on customer acquisition and auto industry relationship nurturing, and more. Through the program, Spatial and Ford connected; the collaboration was one of three that Ford representatives struck with startups represented in the program, and all are related to tech product projects focused on autonomous and connected cars. In particular, Spatial is working on what Ford has designated as key areas of interest, including multimodal trip integration and autonomous and safety technologies. Find out more about Ford's plans for autonomous driving in the video below:

“We have multiple projects running with Ford currently, and each of them aligns with our mission: helping people navigate like a local, anywhere on Earth,” Lyden Foust, the CEO of Spatial, said, according to “We’re starting to get a lot of inbound requests from customers working with autonomous cars and AI assistants, all the way to real estate websites that want to help their users understand an area and sort through home options quickly." See what's on the horizon for the future of autonomous driving by stopping at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!
For nearly a decade running, Ford Motor Company has made Thanksgiving a little brighter for Detroit residents in need. Working in tandem with the Detroit Area Agency on Aging, the automaker participates in the DAAA's Holiday Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving program to ensure that over 6,000 area homebound seniors can gobble up turkey, potatoes and more. November 24 wasn't any different, in the best ways possible. 

As a sign of its support, Ford made a $50,000 donation to DAAA to cover the expenses for the community-wide Thanksgiving meal. The donation also provides funding for the daily meal service that the DAAA provides throughout the year. However, the Blue Oval's support went beyond monetary means - employees and families of Ford also joined together the day before Thanksgiving to put together fresh meals at Detroit's Valley Services.Ford employees help prepare Thanksgiving day meals

Pamela Alexander, the director of Community Development at Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, expressed her support for the joint effort. “At
Ford we don’t just build great cars and trucks, we also build communities,” she said. “By providing thousands of meals to seniors in our region on Thanksgiving we help to ensure that no one is hungry on this holiday.”

To ensure that its impact goes beyond one holiday, the Ford Fund also assists hunger relief agencies to bolster communities year-round. This year, it joins The Parade Company and Gleaners Community Food Bank to address a notable 715,000 local residents in need in the southeast Michigan area. 

“While we celebrate this holiday season with friends, family, and a nice meal, homebound seniors and adults with disabilities in our community are often neglected. That’s why we are sharing the love and feeding our homebound and disabled adults this Thanksgiving,” Paul Bridgewater, the president and CEO of DAAA, said in a released statement.  “That’s why we are thankful for the Ford Motor Company Fund. They are driving away hunger on Thanksgiving with their generous donation that enables us to deliver fresh, hot, traditional Thanksgiving meals to 6,000 seniors. To us, the donation and the volunteers they’re supplying to DAAA are a much-needed gift to our entire community.”

Ford makes giving back a priority, which is why it's investing $20 million in local, educational and community programs this year. Learn more about how the Blue Oval gives back by visiting our team at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.  
As an expression of gratitude for our heroes in red, the Blue Oval's F-Series joined forces with Fox Sports, the Dallas Cowboys and actor Denis Leary to give Dallas Fire Station 43 a surprise makeover on Thanksgiving Day. The guerrilla-style renovation was an effort to show appreciation and address the firehouse's needs in a fun and unexpected way. The Ford F-Series is the Official Truck of the National Football League and is the best-selling truck in America for over 39 consecutive years, so it was only fitting for the truck to be the driving force behind the project.

After years of wear and tear, the northwest Dallas fire station was in need of repair. Ford reached out to local renovation experts and starting offensive linemen from the Dallas Cowboys - who were just named Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Week for the second time this football season - to turn the spontaneous rehab idea into a reality. 
WIth all hands on deck, the demolition and final touches were ready in time for the firefighters to use their new kitchen and dining area for the holiday dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

The cherry on top of the sundae - or rather, the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie? As a bonus, Denis Leary, on behalf of Leary Firefighters Foundation, pledged a $50,000 donation to the Dallas Fire Department to fund additional equipment as well, and will personally pass along the keys to a brand-new F-Series Super Duty to the Dallas firefighters donated by Ford. Leary's foundation was started in 2000 and provides funding and resources for fire departments, helping them obtain resources, technology, equipment and training imperative for the safety and health of firefighters. As of today, the foundation has raised over $10 million for fire departments nationwide. Watch the action in the video below:

“Today and every day, we’re grateful to the firefighters of Fire Station 43, and to firefighters across the country for their courage and bravery,” Leary said. “The Leary Firefighters Foundation is proud to team up with Ford to provide Dallas with much-needed equipment, and to support the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe.”

Mark LaNeve, Ford's vice president of sales,
marketing and service, echoed Leary's sentiments. 

“Ford truck team members live to serve our customers, and firefighters are especially valued for their important role in our communities,” he said in a released statement. “With the toughest, smartest, most capable truck in America, it’s only fitting Ford is presenting a brand-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty to the men and women of the Dallas Fire Department.”

Learn more about how Ford is giving back by visiting Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. 
The holidays are coming early for aficionados of Ford Motor Company. On Tuesday, the automaker will get the party started - literally - with a grand reveal of its new Ford Fiesta. The unveiling will take place at one of Ford's exclusive "Go Further" events, which will be held in Cologne, Germany. 

Ford's president and CEO Mark Fields, as well as Jim Farley, the Executive Vice President and President of Ford of Europe, will bear the honor of announcing the Fiesta's debut to the public at the event. In a released statement, Farley said, “The new Fiesta will be our best expression of Ford — lovable fun, sporty to drive and with an unmatched personality true to the spirit of the iconic small car that has delighted generations of customers for the past 40 years." Join the party and watch the Fiesta on-the-go in the video below:

The celebration will also serve as a platform to announce the Blue Oval's details on its "Smart Mobility strategy, fuel-saving technology news, and new commercial vehicles," according to reports from Ford. In efforts to ensure that the news is accessible to all, the event will be live-streamed through Ford Europe's YouTube channel beginning at 2pm on Tuesday. Auto enthusiasts are prepared to walk away from the event with exciting news to pass along - in recent years, Ford has used its "Go Further" events specifically to share new company strategies and unveil new vehicles. However, for this particular event, Ford did not release any details regarding production plans for the Fiesta.

For this latest "Go Further" event, it will appropriately take place at the company's W-Halle inside the Niehl, Cologne manufacturing facility that is one of the current Fiesta's assembly plants. The facility is anticipated to host roughly 2,500 employees, media and dealers at the upcoming event. 

Our experts at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington are prepared to answer any questions you may have about the Fiesta or other vehicles in our lot, so don't hesitate to stop by today. 
"Go Small, Live Big." The saying could apply to a wide range of concepts, but was recently coined as the tagline for Ford's latest venture - the EcoSport, a subcompact crossover that's geared towards millennial consumers. 

The foray is notable, considering that Ford often attracts off-roaders interested in award-winning trucks, like the F-Series family. But keeping up with what's trending and on the horizon, representatives for the Blue Oval recognized the niche millennial audience that is growing more prominent and influential by the minute, as well as their nascent needs for the road. Although millennials are the primary target audience, Michael O'Brien, Ford's SUV group marketing manager, noted that women and empty nester baby boomers are also part of the Blue Oval's desired demographic for the EcoSport. Introduce yourself to the EcoSport by watching the video below:

O'Brien also shared that the EcoSport serves "to introduce a vehicle desirable to mobile, connected consumers who want to experience things, not collect them" (as stated on The EcoSport's smaller size makes packing up and going - or rather, packing up and experiencing - an easier, streamlined process; hence, the "Go Small, Live Big" catchphrase. Going a step further, Ford catered to what app-eals to the millennial demographic by introducing the EcoSport via the popular Snapchat app. Ford reports that this is the first time a vehicle has been announced on the platform. The timing was also ideal for auto enthusiasts; the EcoSport was introduced ahead of AutoMobility LA, a new trade show in the automotive industry that featured Ford's CEO Mark FIelds at this year's event.

Buyers with particular tastes won't have to worry, as the new EcoSport offers four trim levels, 10 exterior color options, and seven options for ambient lighting. It also will be offered in a 1.0-liter
ecoboost engine that's two-wheel drive and a 2.0-liter engine wth a four-wheel drive.

The EcoSport won't roll into dealerships until early 2018, but interested drivers can stop by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to drive any crossover from our selection and learn more about what's to come.
Diamonds are the product of intense heat and pressure, forged in less-than-glamorous conditions. Rather than crumble from what other elements can't handle, the revered gemstone manifests itself with greater value than before. In the same way, the Ford Super Duty trucks recently emerged as diamonds in the rough - the family of trucks shined amongst a slew of vehicles to take Motor Trend's Truck of the Year award, which was decided after thorough testing and scrutiny.

As Scott Evans wrote for, "An Of The Year contest plays out one of three ways: There’s no clear winner right up to the end; there are two to three potential winners and a nail-biting vote; or there’s a clear winner early on and the rest becomes a coronation. In this year’s Truck of the Year competition, we knew by the halfway point which truck would win." Despite the competitive qualities of the other contenders, which included the Honda Ridgeline and the Nissan Titan, the Super Duties swept the title thanks to an aggregate of award-winning features. Evans added, "Indeed, the Fords’ ability to remain cool under our extreme pressure, regardless of the circumstances, made it all the 
more clear they deserved this award." See the trucks in action in the video below:

In regard to aesthetics, the Blue Oval's family of Super Duties struck the sweet spot with their eye-catching exteriors that took efficiency into account. Although the Super Duties are distinguishable from a distance, they put function front and center. Panels and lines are incorporated strategically and take the design a step forward, without leaving Ford's signature in the dust. The Super Duties also outperformed the Ram trucks with ease when compared for fuel efficiency; the Fords returned 11.0/16.4/12.9 mpg city/highway/combined versus 9.2/15/11.4 reported from the Rams. Considering that the Super Duties shine when it comes to brute physical labor - more than any other class of non-commercial vehicle - drivers are sure to flock to the Super Duties for their efficiency alone. 

For those more concerned with how the Super Duties adapt to heavy loads, never fear. Even when filled to its 7,630-pound max payload capacity, the Duties perform well. The F-350 Super Duty, in particular, touts success that is attributable to its 925 lb-ft of torque, which causes the truck to start rolling forward at idle despite over 40,000 pounds of gross combined vehicle weight. Additional standout features include muscle from 14-inch rotors in the front and rear, as well as a strong exhaust brake.

The cherry on top of the Super Duty sundae is the variety of work-focused technologies, such as the ability to extend blind-spot detection, which Ford integrated to make trailering less of a stressful endeavor. The attention to detail for better usability shows and shines with the Super Duties, and Motor Trend took notice.

Motor Trend already anticipates the Ford Super Duties to raise the bar for other comparable vehicles. Take a drive in any of the Duties at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today and find out why the experts at Motor Trend are so confident in their assessment and prediction.
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1. Take a look at our selection of vehicles beforehand, to hone in on what you're looking for. If a lack of space on family camping trips has been an issue, consider a vehicle from our collection of SUVs, such as the 2017 Ford Escape SE - it comes with an automatic six-speed transmission and 2.0L, four-cylinder engine. Simply need a car to get you to and from the office? Consider a car from our selection of sedans, like the 2016 Ford Fiesta S. At Sound Ford, there is a vehicle for every buyer. By looking over our inventory ahead of time, you'll be better equipped to drive away with the perfect vehicle for your needs.

2. Before you have the opportunity to fuel up your new vehicle's tank, make sure to fill yours up. By that, we mean eat a good, filling meal that will keep you energized! Nobody wants to be sluggish when navigating the lot, and a rumbling stomach puts a damper on an exciting buyer experience. Also remember to dress for comfort!

3. Collect all of your up-to-date paperwork before heading out. This will save you time and give you the assurance that all of your documents are in order, so there aren't any chances for mishaps and surprises when you're ready to make a purchase. Don't forget to bring your proof of auto insurance,
method of payment and driver's license with you as well!

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Exclusions apply. Valid November 1-30, 2016. Ford reserves the right to modify this program at any time.
There are plenty of enticing deals on tap for Black Friday this year - but how many of them offer $1,000 in savings? 

Rather than spend hours in the department stores this Black Friday, Ford is offering $1,000 retail bonus cash to anyone who makes a purchase of almost all 2016 and 2017 vehicles. In other words, drivers can enjoy test-driving luxurious Ford vehicles and score a jaw-dropping deal on a brand new vehicle while everyone else waits in lines and scrambles for the last clearance item on the shelf. Arguably, many people would pick the first option in a heartbeat!2016 ford black friday deal seattle washington

This steal of a deal is not the first time the Blue Oval has offered Black Friday savings; buyers may recall that a similar offer was available for Black Friday last year. Although it may not be first instinct to head over to the dealership on Black Friday, Ford knows that drivers are always looking for ways to save on quality vehicles - no matter what time of year it is. Have a particular vehicle in mind? Don't delay - Ford's deal revolves around Black Friday, but the $1,000 retail bonus cash applies from November 1 through 31, meaning that cars will likely be swooped from the lot quickly. The Ford F-Series trucks are slated to fall in that realm; as Adrienne Roberts writes for the Wall Street Journal, "Sales increased modestly in the month to a total of 65,542 trucks, the vehicle’s best October in more than a decade."

Ready to take advantage of Ford's Black Friday bonus and drive away with a new vehicle? Come by Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!

Exclusions apply. Valid November 1-30, 2016. Ford reserves the right to modify this program at any time.