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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
2017 Ford Raptor for sale seattle washingtonThird time's the charm for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, although one would argue that the first and second instances were pretty charmed as well. recently awarded the Raptor its Pickup Truck of the Year title, adding to the Raptor's Best Pickup Truck of 2017 and Pickup Truck of the Year accolades from and Four Wheeler, respectively. 

“The 2017 Raptor is the whole package. It’s not just suspension or just appearance. Ford left no stone unturned with this purpose-built Baja runner, and it shows,” Stephen Elmer,'s trucks editor, said in a statement.

The F-150 Raptor proved itself during testing in Barstow, California, earning high praise from's judges. In particular, the truck was noted for its innovation, dollar value and overall driving experience.

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2018 Ford Expedition for sale seattle washingtonA new statement released by Ford reiterates what many already know - that voice recognition and personalization is the way of the future. It's an assumption based on statistics; namely, that nearly 90 percent of all new cars are slated to include voice recognition technology by 2022. But what may come as a shock to others is one step further down that path. According to Ford's experts, cars will soon be able to predict what we desire and even feel, even without any verbal confirmation.

The anticipated, preemptive technology is slated to operate off of enhanced microphones and cameras strategically placed inside vehicles, which will be able to record drivers' tendencies, inclinations and more. 
With the integration of advanced voice recognition, cloud-based voice control is also on tap to be available for 75 percent of new cars by 2022.

Stay tuned to learn more about Ford's plans for this technology, and visit Sound Ford for additional information.
In our first piece about the all-new 2017 Ford EcoSport, we touched upon the vehicle's innovative shelf that incorporates a recycled honeycomb material and design. Now, let's dig a little deeper and see why Ford's designers have deemed the shelving worthy of mention.

Although the EcoSport isn't as large as other Ford family members, such as the renowned Escape, it manages to pack plenty of power and functionality. Amongst other details, honeycomb, in particular, finds its strength in resin reinforcement that yields a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, exemplifying the EcoSport's ability to go beyond its frame. Learn more about this impressive material in the video below:

Honeycomb's resistance to weight has been revered for years; it's been used for skis, aerospace frames and more. The EcoSport's pioneering features, like the honeycomb-inspired shelving, are sure to turn heads on the lot. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
The Blue Oval's reboot of the short film "C’etait un Rendez-Vous" may only be nine minutes in length, but it features technological advances that were created out of decades of innovation. To celebrate the original clip's 40th anniversary, Ford's reboot is aptly named "Re-Rendez-Vous;" in addition to starring an all-new Mustang - complete with a 5.0-litre V8 fastback - the film also incorporates 360 views and virtual reality technology. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

The endeavor's payoff was worth the extra effort, but certainly came with its challenges. Notably, recreating the main components of the car's route in the film was difficult, since many of the roads used in the original film have long since become obsolete or have disappeared altogether. Despite the obstacles, the video is sure to delight viewers.

Learn more about the all-new Mustang at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today!
2017 Ford Mustang for sale seattle washingtonThe overwhelming desire to drop everything and go after one's beloved is timeless. But the means of doing so have changed over the decades - from on foot to horse, from early-model automobiles to the variety of vehicles that zip through the streets today. Paying homage to the perpetuating, classic virtues of romance as well as the forward-looking cars of the future, Ford recently gave the short film “C’était un Rendez-Vous” a reboot for the present day.

In the original film from 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch shot a lover's daring drive through the streets of Paris in a white Mustang. The Blue Oval's reboot, titled "Re-Rendez-Vous," puts the spotlight on the new Ford Mustang

Stay tuned to learn how Ford incorporated innovative elements into the making of "Re-Rendez-Vous," and visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle Washington to test-drive the Mustangs on our lot today.
2017 Ford GT for sale seattle washingtonThe slogan that drives Ford Motor Company is "Go Further", but based on its latest patent, it could also be "GoPro." The automaker recently filed a patent for a new GoPro camera mount that is able to rotate cameras, obtain car information and more. The technology serves to simplify the process of recording driving footage for car enthusiasts who want to take their driving experiences behind the lens. 

As stated on the patent, the device has the potential to be mounted in various ways and locations, such as one's windshield or dashboard. It also is compatible with multiple cameras, expanding the limits of recording.

Another benefit of the mount is that its control may be relinquished to a passenger in the car, which could be helpful for filming another car in motion. It goes without saying that the mount would be especially handy for racers, who would reap the dazzling benefits of the camera footage as they speed around the track.

Learn more about the new patent - and the Blue Oval's other projects - at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!

Drivers across the nation have been crossing over to crossovers en masse over recent years, and 2017 is no exception. Recognizing this increase in popularity, Kelley Blue Book's latest list details the Most Popular Crossovers of 2017. Both the 2017 Ford Flex and 2017 Ford Escape grace the rankings, indicating their respective successes going into the new year. Watch the Escape in the video below!

With a 9.2/10 rating, the 2017 Ford Flex takes the #9 spot on Kelley Blue Book's list. The vehicle's status is well-earned, considering that it was derived from over 200 consumer reviews on the website. The 2017 Ford Escape makes #8 on KBB's list, earning a 7.4/10 rating based on 265 reviews. 

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2017 Ford F-150 for sale seattle washingtonFord's engineers and designers always have the consumer's needs and wishes top-of-mind. So when requests for increased fuel efficiency and enhanced performance came to the forefront, the automaker took matters into its own hands. The result? An all-new, aerodynamic testing complex, which will act as the hub for a rolling road wind tunnel and climatic chamber. The space, which will begin taking shape later this year, will also feature updated testing advancements that better match Ford's production and racing vehicles.

All of the complex's innovations ultimately will yield data and technology that are up to snuff with the automobile industry's evolution. The new wind tunnel, in particular, will make advancements for vehicle design easier to conduct and truer to real-life conditions. Using strategically placed belts on a conveyor system and a crane (to put it in layman's terms), the Blue Oval will essentially bring the streets to the vehicle.

Stay tuned to learn even more about Ford's testing complex, and visit us at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today.

2017 Ford F-150 for sale seattle washingtonFord's all-new aerodynamic complex, which begins construction later this year, is sure to impress tech buffs and engineers alike with its wind tunnel complex. The Blue Oval's new innovation will generate complete simulations of environmental airflow that have the capacity to reach 200 miles per hour.

Given its impressive components, it goes without saying that the wind tunnel complex will bolster aerodynamic shielding tests, high-speed performance and more. Aside from its high wind speeds, the complex's climatic chamber can also reach temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 140 - conditions that parallel the Arctic and the Sahara, respectively! Taking larger vehicles like Super Duty trucks into account, the complex will also include "super-sized" wind tunnel chambers.

Learn more about Ford's latest innovations at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
2017 Ford vehicles for sale seattle washingtonOne could say that Ford's Next Generation Learning program is picking up steam. Teaming up with the Ford STEAM program, it recently held a contest and awarded grants totaling $50,000 to a select number of high school students.

The students were recognized for their potential to use STEAM skills to make strides in advancing sustainable communities, ultimately bettering the lives of others. For the challenge, students delved into addressing current issues and unsatisfied needs in health, technology and more.

After reviewing the contenders, a panel of Ford reviewers awarded prizes ranging from $5,000 to the $20,000 first-place prize. The winning school teams are as follows:

  • Whites Creek High School, Nashville, TN ($20,000)
  • Guilford High School, Rockford, IL ($10,000) 
  • Bartow High School, Bartow, FL ($5,000)
  • Harlingen High School, Harlingen, TX ($5,000)
  • Newton College and Career Academy, Covington, GA ($5,000)
  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Memorial ECHS, Alamo, TX ($5,000)
Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!