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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
2018 ford ecosport for sale renton washingtonSales figures for the first quarter of 2019 were released recently and Ford Motor Company, America’s best-selling automotive brand for nine consecutive years, saw its truck sales hit their highest numbers in 15 years. In Q1 2019, 94,585 Ford F-Series trucks were sold.

The Ford Ranger also saw great sales between January and the end of March, with 9,421 sold, even though inventory was not at full capacity. Between the Ranger, F-150, Transit, Transit Connect, and heavy trucks sales, Ford trucks saw a 4.1% sales increase year-over-year for the first quarter of 2019.

Ford’s SUV sales were strong too, even though the 2020 Ford Explorer and Escape are not yet available. Ford Expedition sales increased 61.9% with 21,773 units sold, while consumers bought 12,879 Ford EcoSports in the first quarter. That represents a phenomenal increase of 111.3% over first quarter 2018.

“First-quarter 2019 sales were solid for Ford. Our winning portfolio continues to deliver,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford VP of U.S. Marketing, Sales, and Service. “F-Series expanded our leadership position while others slugged it out for second place. We have a close connection with our customers, allowing us to deliver what they need in their trucks.”

When you want to test drive a new 2018 Ford EcoSport SE, stop by Sound Ford near Seattle and we’ll be happy to make it happen.

2019 ford ranger xl for sale krikland washingtonThe 2020 Ford Bronco may have unique removable doors. A new patent filed by Ford with the United States Patent and Trademark Office has led to speculation that the 2020 Ford Bronco will have removable doors with a separate center impact beam. This would mean you could remove the door completely or leave the impact beam in place, making door-less driving a little safer. The doors can be stored in the trunk.

There’s more speculation that the 2020 Bronco will come in both two- and four-door versions, although the patent filed shows only removable front doors. The Bronco and the 2019 Ford Ranger XL will share a platform.

Ford ended production on the Bronco in 1996 but announced in 2017 it was going to start making the popular 4x4 available again. It looks like 2020 is the year. The new Bronco will apparently have a retro design with round headlights and might have a removable hardtop too. Mounting side view mirrors to the A-pillars rather than to the doors means you won’t be driving without mirrors if you decide to take the doors off.

We’d be happy to take you for a test drive in any of our new or pre-owned vehicles, like the 2019 Ranger XL. Stop by Sound Ford just outside Seattle in Renton, Washington.
Seattle, the Emerald City, is green in so many different ways. If you want to subtly virtue signal your environmental commitment, your Irish heritage, or the fact that you live in a temperate rainforest, Mustang buyers can now choose three new shades, two of them green. While it may be closer to a Kelly green than an emerald, the new Need For Green 2019 Ford Mustang is pretty spectacular

Need For Green “would be just as comfortable gracing the bodywork of a Lamborghini,” said one automotive journalist. Green is also one of the three paint colors that holds its value best. Need For Green is included in the base price of the 2019 Ford Mustang and can be ordered with all but four interior color combos. It’s available for all trim levels except the Shelby GT350 and GT350R models. That includes the EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT Premium, and the Bullitt.

Dark Highland Green and Velocity Blue are the other new options. Ford’s been producing its 2019 model year units for several months now in Flat Rock, MI, so these colors are already available at the retail level. Check out a brand new 2019 Ford Mustang GT at Sound Ford near Seattle, WA. We’d love to take you out for a test drive in one of our new or pre-owned vehicles.
2015 ford fiesta for sale kent washingtonFord has decided to pilot a new site for online purchases of used vehicles. Prepared to revolutionize the way consumers shop for and buy automobiles, this service will compile a list of preowned options from multiple dealerships, all in one place. Called, the website is expected to make waves in the industry.

This new site allows customers to sort by a number of features, including mileage, color, engine type, and other technologies. In addition, if a consumer finds the vehicle they're looking for, they can schedule an appointment to take a test drive or talk more with the dealer.

This innovation is the brainchild of by two Ford engineers and funded through Ford X, an in-house incubator that was created from the company's Smart Mobility subsidiary.

If you’d like to search preowned vehicles, you can also come in to Sound Ford. We are conveniently located near Renton, Washington. How about the 2015 Ford Fiesta SE? It has just 64,781 miles to its name.

Amenities in this car are impressive, and they include Bluetooth connectivity and smart device integration. This is great for long commutes, because you can safely call your parents or friends while you drive. You will also love the included HD radio and an mp3 player to listen to all of your music. Hurry in today!

2019 ford transit connect xl for sale kent washingtonIt has been announced that Ford will exit the passenger vehicle market in Russia. Over the next few years, Ford expects to take $11 billion of special charges as it retools its global operations, including up to $7 billion of cash costs. They have decided instead to focus on commercial vehicles, like the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect series of vehicles.  

Want to check out a commercial vehicle for yourself? How about the 2019 Ford Transit Connect XL? It’s got plenty of high-tech features, including a 6.5-inch infotainment screen with SYNC3 and Ford+Alexa functionality. They make it so easy to stay in touch everywhere you go. Plus, it contains a modem and allows you to connect up to 10 devices to the internet at any given time. That’s a very helpful thing to have when you’re out on the job.

This vehicle is built strong on a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine, and it’s paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This means there’s no need to learn to operate a large truck or having a commercial driver’s license.

Stop by our Sound Ford dealership near Burien, Washington, today and take a test drive! You’re sure to be impressed!

2018 ford transit t-250 for sale kirkland washingtonHave you heard the news? Brazil automaker CAOA has signed an agreement with Ford over a plant purchase. According to the report, “Brazil has long been South America's automaking hub and has led many brand name global carmakers to set up shop here. But CAOA is the rare company that is actually domestically owned. It currently produces cars for Hyundai and owns a 50 percent stake in China's Chery operation in Brazil, which led to the rebranding of the cars as CAOA Chery.”

CAOA has a very close relationship with Ford, in that it is the single largest distributor of Ford vehicles in the nation of Brazil.

Interested in learning more about the automaker and what it has to offer? There are many great Ford vehicles to be had at Sound Ford. Why not stop by our Seattle, Washington, showroom and check out the 2018 Transit T-250?

It is sure to meet your needs, thanks to a strong engine and plenty of interior space. It boasts a 3.7-liter V-6 engine, 275 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, all sure to impress you. Your drivers will love the vehicle’s maximum 4,080 payload, too. Hurry in and take it for a drive today!
2019 ford ranger for sale kent washingtonSince joining the company in May 2017, former Steelcase exec Jim Hackett’s mandate has been to push Ford employees to answer the question, “Do we have the score right?” In October 2017 Hackett described it as a “fitness push.”

Details of the Ford workout include:

  • Getting out of Brazil’s heavy truck segment and closing an underperforming Brazilian factory
  • A truck and van agreement with VW, although the only news on this venture is that the teams are working well and the VW/Ford $4 billion autonomous auto deal still doesn’t have any numbers attached to it
  • Closing down two Russian manufacturing facilities
An internal memo fell into the hands of The Detroit News recently. In it, Hackett said 2019 was the year Ford would turn “the corner toward a really bright future.” He also reminded employees that Ford’s been around for 115 years and survived more than one recession. But he also said that by 2021, 75% of Ford’s lineup will be new, including a new Bronco, another smaller off-roader, and an electric performance utility vehicle.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a classic Ford vehicle before the lineup is refreshed. Stop by Sound Ford today and test drive a 2019 Ford Ranger XL in Seattle, Washington.

2016 ford taurus for sale kirkland washingtonFord Authority’s Sam McEachern says the 2020 Ford Taurus, due to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show but leaked in photos on Instagram, will be “sharper and more svelte” than its predecessors. With sedans still popular in China—particularly long sedans with loads of rear passenger space—an updated Taurus will join the Mondeo, Mondeo Plug-In, Fox (Focus), and Fox Classic (previous-gen Focus) in its Chinese sedan line-up.

Ford partners with the Chinese Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. and hopes to see better sales this year after a “tough” 2018. Industry watchers say Chinese auto sales are the slowest in two decades. Economic slowdown, the trade war with the U.S. and a Chinese government crackdown on peer-to-peer lending practices, often used to finance car purchases, were all factors that affected 2018 sales.

Observers say Ford has struggled in China because it hasn’t introduced new products quickly enough. But with plans for 50 new vehicles by 2025, they are targeting the middle class of the country’s second-tier cities, the “fastest growing market in China’s automotive industry.”

The Chinese version of the Ford Taurus incorporates a lengthened version of its CD4 front and all-wheel drive vehicle architecture. The base engine is the 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. The 2.7-liter EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6 is optional.

Want to test drive a Ford Taurus here in America? Hurry in to Sound Ford near Kirkland, Washington, today! We have a 2016 Ford Taurus SEL just waiting for you!
2019 ford f-350 super duty kent washingtomAfter 19 million torture test miles through varied environmental conditions, occasionally using robot drivers, Ford’s introducing a bigger, better 2020 Super Duty it hopes can go head-to-head with competition from GM and Ram.

“Super Duty customers have demanding and diverse needs – from towing heavy trailers to repairing critical infrastructure,” explained Kumar Galhotra, Ford president, North America. “Productivity is their lifeblood and their truck is their biggest tool. Our new Super Duty has more power, more payload and towing capability and better technology than ever to help these customers build a better world.”

Ford’s redesigned the Super Duty’s turbocharger to improve pumping efficiency and throttle response and equipped the truck with a 36,000-psi fuel injection system for its 6.7-liter Power Stroke. Cylinder head, block, connecting rods, and bearings have all been beefed up to handle higher cylinder pressures and greater outputs and new steel pistons will support higher firing pressures, aiming to increase horsepower and torque outputs.

Power figures, towing, and payload specs haven’t been released yet, but should be an improvement on the current 6.7 Power Stroke with 450 horsepower (2,800 rpm) and 935 lb-ft. of torque (1,800 rpm).

“With the addition of the 7.3-liter V8, upgrades to our 6.7-liter, and the debut of an all-new 10-speed transmission, we are delivering the strongest, most capable Super Duty powertrain offerings yet,” said Mike Pruitt, Ford Super Duty Chief Engineer.

Hurry in to Sound Ford near Renton, Washington, and test drive the 2019 Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW Lariat today! 
2019 ford explorer for sale kirkland washingtonFord’s just announced its Explorer Platinum and Limited Hybrid 4WD models will come with standard Michelin Selfseal® tires, also available as options on the Explorer Limited 2WD and 4WD models. “Nothing derails a family vacation like a flat tire,” said Joseph Billman, Ford wheel and tire engineer. “Explorer is the ultimate road trip family hauler – and it’s the perfect fit for these new Michelin Selfseal tires.”

These proprietary Michelin tires can seal 90 percent of tread punctures and slow the rate of air pressure loss to potentially as little as 15 pounds per square inch per week. This will help you avoid loss of vehicle control, dangerous roadside stops in unfamiliar territory, and interruptions that will delay your commute or put a damper on your vacation.

A sealant embedded in the tire surrounds nails or screws and seals the puncture to avoid air loss. It’s also designed to fill tread punctures up to a quarter-inch in diameter if the object doesn’t stay embedded.

The sealant is environmentally friendly and the dramatic reduction in air loss means you won’t end up like “millions of every year on the side of the road, jack in hand and gravel on knees.”

Want to check out the 2019 Ford Explorer XLT? Hurry in to Sound Ford near Kirkland, Washington today!