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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
A new year approaches - and with that comes a resolution. You will no longer fear the open road. Instead you will embrace every unexpected incline and every sudden curve. Anxiety will not define you, and uncertainty will become a thing of the past.

How will you achieve such a lofty goal? Ford believes its 2017 Escape SE will provide the assurance you crave.

As TFL Car explains, the 2017 Escape offers peerless safety - making it ideal for drivers who demand more than speed on the highway. This SUV boasts comprehensive technologies, allowing it to adapt to every environment with ease. An AdvanceTrac system anchors the chassis, minimizing wheel slippage through precise torque management; power-assisted anti-lock brakes cling to every road to deliver immediate stoppage; and Curve Control functionality enhances every response, automatically aligning the vehicle with every changing incline. This helps to negate sudden skids or roll-overs.

To further ensure safety, the 2017 SE also boasts available Park Assistance. This system enables drivers to effortlessly maneuver through tight spaces, utilizing radar sensors and a high-definition camera suite to monitor the surrounding environment. It then automatically engages the power-steering, weaving the platform into a designated slot. This greatly reduces the chance of collision and provides nimbler handling downtown.

The road will no longer frighten you. Instead the 2017 Escape SE will offer superior protection.

To learn more contact us today!

The era of mid-size power has begun - with Ford introducing drivers to its 2018 Fusion SE. This sedan embraces a new kind of performance, bringing nimble handling and turbocharged speed to each mile. Satisfaction is no longer a luxury. It’s instead guaranteed with every downtown adventure.

According to Digital Trends, Ford seeks to reinvigorate both the mid-size market and its own Fusion fleet. This is no easy goal - but the 2018 SE should prove ready for the challenge. Boasting two engine options (a 181 HP 1.5L EcoBoost and a 240 HP 2.0L EcoBoost), this sedan will deliver unprecedented power. Drivers can expect turbocharged performance, as well an available AWD. This will ensure impeccable cornering in Seattle, with direct-injection technology maximizing every rev. 17-inch tires will offer precise responses, while AdvanceTrac stability control will eliminate concerns of roll-motion or wheel slippage.

Ford provides more than engine prowess, however. Instead it pairs the 2018 Fusion SE with a six-speed rotary-style automatic transmission. This allows drivers to effortlessly switch gears, adapting to changing roadways with the flick of a wrist. No longer struggle to achieve the right setting. This sedan is instead engineered for fluid performance.

Want to test it out? Visit our dealership today for further information about the new Fusion SE!

Good things do indeed come in small packages - with the 2017 Focus RS proving a true track contender. Despite its hatchback profile, this platform delivers staggering performance, leaving every competitor in the dust.

According to the NY Daily News, Ford’s latest hatchback impresses with every rev. The RS embraces a less is more philosophy, connecting drivers to a slim design (172-inches long, 72-inches wide) and low roofline. Once track-fans press the pedal, however, they’re launched past every big-wheeled behemoth. This platform boasts a turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder, promising 350 HP and 350 lb.-ft of torque. The six-speed manual transmission delivers crisp handling, while an AWD promises full-throttle fun. The Focus is no longer a simple sedan. It’s instead a throaty monster with sport-tuned attitude to spare.

Craving high speeds? The 2017 RS will satisfy every need, yielding best-in-class accelerations:

0 to 60: 4.6 seconds.
50 to 70: 6.3 seconds.
¼ Mile: 13.4 seconds.

Ford delivers a top speed of 165 MPH, enabling drivers to achieve podium performance with every mile. This is the ultimate hatchback.

Want to learn more about the 2017 RS? Visit our dealership today to request further specs and financing information - as well as to schedule a test-drive in one of our current Focus models.

It’s a grind of gears - with your transmission sputtering in defeat, the throttle clenched in agony. This incline proves too steep for its five-speed capabilities, and your car shudders violently with every inch. You fear that the entire engine will soon fall apart.

Ford wishes to spare you that fate - which is why it’s paired the 2018 Expedition with a powerful new transmission.

According to, the Expedition delivers exceptional performance. It’s anchored by a 10-speed automatic transmission, ensuring seamless transitions from the byways to the backroads. This feature - which was developed in partnership with GM and now serves as the cornerstone for Ford’s 2018 fleet - enables fluid handling. It reduces overall engine effort and improves the Intelligent AWD, allowing the platform to roll forward with ease; and, to further enhance performance, an electric power steering column smoothly connects with every gear.

This lets the 2018 Expedition to rev past the competition - achieving 375 HP and 470 lb.-ft of torque. This best-in-class beast promises peerless capability on every street.

Want to take it for a ride? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the 2018 Expedition (as well as Ford’s other 10-speed platforms).

Change has come to the crossover market - with Ford revealing its 2018 Escape to Seattle. This platform has been revised for the new year, ensuring best-in-class performance and undeniable comfort with every mile.

As Digital Trends explains, the Big Blue Oval has enhanced its popular Escape. Each trim has been carefully tweaked, ensuring that every highway experience proves worthwhile:

The SEL: this all-new model will delight drivers, connecting them to unprecedented SUV style. Leather seats offer contrast stitching and supple textures; an eight-inch touchscreen anchors the soft-touch dash; and LED lighting adds custom ambiance, pairing perfectly with the available dual-panel moonroof.

The SE: convenience defines the option Multi-level heating functions bolster the cloth seats, offering relief from cold Washington mornings; while roof side rails ensure easy off-road storage. A newly added perimeter alarm improves security, releasing a series of chirps when engaged.

The Titanium: economy has just receiveed an upgrade. Ford fuses this platform with a 2.0L EcoBoost engine, allowing drivers to achieve 21 MPGs in the city and 28 MPGs on the highway. A standardized navigation system plots the most efficient routes, while enhanced Park Assist improves mobility (sparing the engine the constant stop-start-stop rhythm that leads to increased fuel consumption).

Each of these trims promises superior performance in Seattle - with the 2018 Escape tailored for today’s busy market. To learn more about this SUV contact us today.
Variety may be the spice of life - but it’s no longer the guiding force of the pony-market. Ford is streamlining its production process for the 2018 Mustang, offering drivers only two engine options. It’s shed all V6 variants, instead relying on V8 power and EcoBoost efficiency.

We don’t think our customers will mind.

According to Chrom, the 2018 Mustang promises exceptional performance - with its two available engines allowing drivers to tailor their miles to speed or economy:

The 2.3L EcoBoost
Horsepower: 310.
Torque: 350 lb.-ft.
MPG Ratios (Manual Transmission): 21, city; 31, highway.
MPG Ratios (Automatic Transmission): 21, city; 32, highway.

The 5.0L V8
Horsepower: 460.
Torque: 420 lb.-ft.
MPG Ratios (Manual Transmission): 15, city; 25, highway.
MPG Ratios (Automatic Transmission): 16, city; 25, highway.

By simplifying its powerpoint options, Ford allows drivers to take control of their highway experiences - with both the EcoBoost and the V8 emphasizing specific performance values. The 2.3L proves worthwhile at the pump, utilizing turbocharged technology and smooth MagneRide systems to optimize fuel intake; while the 5.0L delivers direct-injection speeds and new manifold designs to maximize the clutch. Both ponies are primed for the Seattle market and will impress with every mile.

Want to test them out? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the 2018 Mustang’s latest engine upgrades.

Headlines seem forever devoted to the F-Series - with every quarter revealing expanding profits and extraordinary sales. These trucks dominate the charts, and they serve as the cornerstones of the Ford brand.

They’re not, however, the only foundation upon which the Big Blue Oval rests. Instead the 2017 Escape delivers an exceptional margin growth.

As the Lincoln County Journal explains, the 2017 Escape has helped to propel Ford to the top of the charts - serving as its top-selling SUV. In October alone, it secured a strong 23,064 total units. This allowed it to blitz past the competition (including the Honda HR-V and the Toyota RAV-4), and it’s also pushed the brand to record-breaking heights. Annual sales have risen a steady 2.2%, leading to billions of new profits.

We’re not surprised. The 2017 Escape proves a perfect option for Seattle drivers, connecting them to a robust 2.5L i-VCT engine. This yields 168 HP and 170 lb.-ft of torque, allowing the platform to accommodate every all-terrain adventure (achieve up to 1,500 pounds of conventional trailering). Available AWD pairs with AdvanceTrac control, while split-folding seats provide up to 64.8 cu.-ft of cargo space. Adaptability defines every mile.

Want to see why the 2017 Escape reigns as one of Ford’s best-selling platforms? Visit our dealership today to schedule a test-drive.

The roads are long beyond Seattle - riddled with sudden turns and uneven spans of pavement. Every mile leaves you scowling behind the wheel, trying to navigate the uncertainty. It’s no easy task and too often do you find yourself lamenting your choice of car, knowing that it offers none of the necessary protections.

Ford will soon change that - bringing the 2018 Expedition XLT to the Washington market.

According to AutoBlog, the new Expedition proves more than an eight-passenger behemoth. Instead Ford has fused this platform with premium safety technologies, helping drivers combat every mile. AdvanceTrac stability control maximizes the AWD, ensuring that torque is precisely distributed between the wheels. Halogen headlamps provide wide-angled illuminations, improving cornering capabilities; while a tire pressure monitor automatically warns of dangerously low levels. Anti-lock disc brakes ensure immediate stoppage, and speed-sensitive steering promises smoother responses.

All of this combines with a comprehensive airbag suite - which includes both side-curtain and side-impact inflatables. This provides drivers with full cabin protection in the wake of an accident.

The 2018 Expedition XLT emphasizes security in Seattle. To learn more about this platform contact our team today!

Crowds gather in Seattle - winding their way toward the CenturyLink Field Center, memorizing maps and planning stage strategies. The International Auto Show will soon begin and each guest is preparing for a chrome-coated whirlwind.

Ford is doing the same.

From November 9th to November 12th the Seattle International Auto Show will play host to the world’s latest powerhouses - including the 2018 F-150. Ford is making its Pacific Northwest debut, allowing drivers to sample pure V6 power. This half-ton platform has been tailored for the region’s ever-changing inclines, boasting:

All-Terrain Technologies - with Intelligent AWD and Hill Descent Control systems working in tandem to maximize stability.

Custom Drive Modes - with the electronic 10-speed transmission seamlessly shifting between Tow/Haul, Sport, EcoSelect, and Snow/Wet gear levels to ensure superior handling.

Improved Steerage - with Shift-On-The-Fly capabilities providing smooth cornering, bolstered by a rack-and-pinion design and front coil springs.

The 2018 F-150 proves a masterful option for Seattle drivers, enabling them to conquer every road - and we know it will be a popular showcase at the CenturyLink Field Center.

To learn more about this and other F-Series platforms - or to request further information about the International Auto Show - contact us today!

It’s a collection of influences - the sleek drift lines of Japan, the sport-tuned European sensibilities, the pure American power. Ford draws inspiration from across the globe, piecing together a pony-platform like no other. The 2018 Mustang RTR has arrived.

According to Motor Authority, Ford is fusing every mile with circuit performance - with its new Mustang promising up to 700 HP! Bolstered by a 5.0L Coyote V8 engine, this pony races down the track, utilizing both a TVS supercharger and an advanced air-to-water intercooler to ensure full-throttle power. 20-inch wheels pummel the pavement, while a sport exhaust system maximizes intake capabilities.

This promises staggering responses, with the 2018 Mustang rumored to achieve a 0 to 60 acceleration of less than four seconds. This will allow Ford to directly compete with the Dodge Hellcat and the Toyota 86, connecting drivers to the line-lock fun they crave; and, though no official top-speed specs have been released, critics anticipate the platform to (at least) match its 2015 successor at 201 MPH.

Get ready to run, Seattle.

The 2018 Mustang RTR will soon be unleashed. To learn more about this platform contact our team today.