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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
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2018 ford focus se for sale renton washingtonYour powerful hot hatch is here. The 2019 Ford Focus ST has arrived, and it packs an impressive punch that combines agile handling, sporty design, and the space you want in a performance hatchback.

Redesigned this year with a more powerful engine, the Ford swaps out the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder for a bigger, 2.3-liter, EcoBoost engine, delivering 12 percent more power and 17 percent additional torque than the previous model. This is a peppy engine familiar to Mustang and Focus RS drivers, reworked for the front-wheel drive Focus ST. It’s also the most powerful Focus engine Ford has produced, with a zero-62 mph journey of less than 6 seconds. Consumers have a choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or an impressive, responsive 7-speed automatic.

Cornering and traction are also improved, which includes an electronic limited-slip differential for the first time. Thoughtful details and extra touches are designed to enhance comfort, style and flair, including a heated steering wheel, heated leather-trimmed front seats, standard door-sill scuff plates and aluminum pedals. Combined with the ST’s incredibly responsive steering, this makes for thrillingly satisfying performance combined with a heart-pumping ride.

Can’t wait for the 2019 models to hit the lot? We have a beautiful 2018 Focus SE that’s ready to be loved. It boasts many of the same features as its newer counterpart. Hurry in to Sound Ford near Auburn, Washington, today and take a test drive!

2017 ford focus st for sale in bellevue seattle washingtonFord has announced that ‘Performance Calibration’ is now available to customers in the United States with 2013-18 Focus ST hatchbacks. It’s a simple modification to the onboard computer which provides a noticeable increase in low-end torque when running 93 octane fuel up to 4,200 revs per minute - peaking at 90 lb-ft at 2,800 rpm for a whopping total of 360 lb-ft. It also revises the stock sound symposer software so you get an excellent engine noise enhancement.

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? If so, we recommend the 2017 Ford Focus ST because it’s an extraordinary pre-owned opportunity. The stylish interior is upholstered in a gorgeous cloth, and the tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel is draped in premium leather. Additionally, the cabin comes fully loaded with high-tech equipment; for example, the 4.2-inch screen on the center console grants you access to the intuitive voice-activated Sync infotainment system. It operates using Bluetooth capabilities and lets you make hands-free phone calls and stream your music through the stellar six-speaker stereo.

Give us a shout at our dealership in Renton, Washington today and we’ll gladly any further questions you might have about this automobile or another in our inventory!
used 2015 ford focus se for sale in bellevue seattle washingtonDid you know that Ford’s award-winning program called "Driving Skills for Lifecelebrates its 16th birthday this year? The 2019 national tour will start in Houston at the NRG Stadium where they’ll give free, hands-on training sessions for teens and parents. The event will take place in approximately 60 different locations and 14 cities in the United States with more than 6,000 people expected to participate. They'll get to work with professional motorists on a specially designed course to learn advanced maneuvers.

If you’re in the market for a car that is a haven and has a suite of safety features, then you should check out the 2015 Ford Focus SE. This beauty is an excellent pre-owned opportunity for many reasons but primarily because it earned a five-star NCAP Overall Score and IIHS Top Pick status. The cabin is equipped with side and front-impact, knees, and overhead airbags. The rearview camera feeds information to a 4.2-inch base screen which makes backing up a cinch. Additionally, Emergency Braking Assist helps your vehicle achieve maximum deceleration effectiveness in a panic stop and automatically activates the ABS system to prevent the wheels from jamming.

Want to take a Focus for a test spin? Give us a shout at Sound Ford in Renton, Washington, and we’ll schedule you an appointment!

new 2018 ford focus sel for sale bellevue seattle waWinter driving is known to be treacherous - but is it any easier in the fall? Ford engineers took it upon themselves to figure out which season causes a more hazardous surface: is it slush or layers of wet leaves? Let's dive into their findings!

In Belgium, an experiment was conducted using a device which analyzes friction to show how slippery the ground becomes when it's covered in lots of damp foliage. The results were compared to data retrieved from similar tests done with vehicles in snowy Scandinavian locations. The conclusion is that in certain situations, autumn can be equally perilous as the worst day in January. The research will assist in improving designs for future automobile safety features.

If you'd like to put your mind at ease while operating your car in dangerous circumstances, then check out the 2018 Ford Focus SEL! It has many great security accessories created to help you navigate nature at any time. It comes equipped with fog lamps which shine downwards and illuminate the road under low-lying clouds. It also has an anti-lock braking system and traction control to adjust the torque (power) to the wheels to maximize grip and reduce the chance of skidding.

Want to take the Ford Focus SEL for a spin? Call us at our dealership today, and a member of our team will schedule you an appointment!
new 2018 ford focus se for sale bellevue seattle waThe brand new 2019 Ford Focus is one of the first vehicles to receive a perfect five-star safety rating in Europe. The prestigious ranking comes from their $17.6 million crash sled facility in Cologne, Germany, where they’ve developed a new and rigorous testing protocol designed to enhance the security of everyone within the car. It was found that the intelligent technologies are intuitive and straightforward, creating a balance between supporting the user and giving them a feeling of full control over their experience.

Unfortunately, this model won’t be available here in the United States until next year — but don’t fret because you can still get the fantastic 2018 Ford Focus SE! This sedan has similar upper-tier features to ensure total protection. It's equipped with a Back-Up Camera which assists you when reversing by allowing you to see what you normally can’t. This beauty aced its side and front collision subtests (which we can attribute to the standardized steel door beams). Moreover, it hosts a multitude of airbags: curtain 1st and 2nd row, dual stage driver and passenger, and side-impact.

Does the Ford Focus SE sound like the right fit for you and your family? Call our dealership today and we’ll schedule you an appointment!
new ford focus for sale seattle bellevue washingtonAcross the Washington highways comes a series of whispers - with critics passing secrets, sharing tales. A new pick-up will soon arrive, they say; and they’re readying themselves for a market revolution.

Prepare, Des Moines, for the 2020 Focus…. truck.

According to Top Speed, Ford is planning to redefine the compact market - by connecting drivers to a Focus-inspired pick-up. This platform will serve as a competitor of the Nissan Frontier and Honda Ridgeline, delivering a small (but mighty) highway experience; and, due to a lack of official specs, critics have already begun debating what this ride will offer. Renderings have flooded the Internet, showcasing a unibody frame and a series of quarter-ton upgrades:

Signature Grille - many believe that the Focus will feature Ford’s much-celebrated tri-bar fascia, with chrome accents and custom badging expected.

Storage - through a short-bed length is assured (due to the compact four-door profile), roof rails will deliver ample payload possibilities.

Lighting - LED headlamps are considered the likely choice for Ford, with critics certain that they’ll feature wide-lens shapes and tear-drop silhouettes. This should emphasize the narrow fender flares and lean hood lines.

The 2020 Focus pick-up will revitalize Ford’s compact segment - allowing drivers to experience both exceptional performance (a EcoBoost V6 engine is rumored) and nimble handling. To learn more about this platform contact us today!
Custom performance has come to the mid-size market - with Ford unveiling its 2018 Focus. Bolstered by four distinct engine options, this sedan connects drivers to bespoke accelerations and tailored economy. No longer will the one-size-suits-all sensibility define the Washington highways.

As Kelley Blue Book explains, the 2018 Focus emphasizes value - with each of its four engines delivering specific performance ratios. Drivers can accommodate their needs with help from:

2.0L Ti-VCT Inline-Four

This standard option delivers everyday power - generating 160 HP and 146 lb.-ft of torque. Its 12:0:1 compression ratio ensures a steady performance-band, and its redline soars to 6,500 to ensure maximum payloads (1,055 pounds).

2.0L Ti-VCT Inline-Five

This engine emphasizes handling, blending its micro-bore design with a six-speed PowerShift automatic transmission. The low-range gear ratio allows the sedan to blitz from 0 to 60 in less than eight seconds. Nimble performance is assured.

1.0L Ti-VCT EcoBoost

This option ensures superior economy, pairing Auto Start-Stop capabilities (which eliminate resource-sipping idling) with a six-speed manual transmission (which allows drivers to better control their gear settings). It yields 30 MPGs in the city and 40 MPGs on the highway.

2.0L EcoBoost Inline-Four

This powerpoint embraces high-performance, revving to 252 HP and 270 lb.-ft of torque. It pairs direct-injection technology with a stainless steel catalytic converter to ensure optimum performance metrics with every mile.

The 2018 Focus proves ready for every consumer need - delivering unique engines to the Snoqualmie market. To learn more contact our team today!
The season is calling - tempting you with warm weather, distant horizons, and the promise of adventure. You shake your head in defeat, however, and tightly close the curtains. You can’t afford a summer adventure. Pump prices would empty your wallet before you left Washington.

Don't despair, Lynnwood! There is a way for you to seek out the backroads: just slide behind the wheel of the 2018 Ford Focus.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2018 Focus delivers premium economy - with its 2.0L inline-four yielding 25 MPGs in the city and 34 MPGs on the highway. A manual five-speed transmission allows drivers to control each gear, sliding into the correct ratio for every mile; while available EcoBoost technology optimizes fuel distribution, moderating intake levels as needed. To further reduce consumption, this sedan boasts a lean design (measuring 178.7-inches long, 80.5-inches wide, and 57.8-inches high) that blends lightweight aluminum with carbon fiber. This lessens engine strain and creates an efficient power-band.

The 2018 Focus promises a combined MPG ratio of 28 - branding it ideal for every summer adventure. Lynnwood drivers will finally be able to seek out those distant roads, without fearing constant stops at the station.

Want to learn more about the 2018 Focus? Visit our dealership today for further specs and pricing information!

Prepare for sport-tuned thrills in Seattle - with Ford soon to reveal the 2019 Focus ST. This hot-hatch (which should arrive in dealerships by the early fall) promises dynamic performance on the track and the highway alike, delivering a series of upgrades for the new year.

Are you ready?

According to Cheat Sheet, Ford has bolstered the 2019 Focus ST with enhanced performance capabilities. The suspension has been re-tuned, delivering a 20% torsional rigidity increase that will improve stability; while the chassis has been fused with a more fluid design language, emphasizing sleek fender flares and high-arched wheel wells (when combined these elements will effectively disperse air and promote aerodynamic cornering). Standardized drive-modes now define every mile as well. With the turn of a rotary dial riders can customize their power-bands with Sport (raises both torque and horsepower), Eco (decreases fuel consumption by engaging the AWD and lowering the redline), and Normal (no change).

Through these drive-modes, Focus fans can easily adapt to every terrain - pushing every rev to its maximum potential. Further enhancements include an available 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine and a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

Curious about the 2019 Focus ST? Visit our dealership today to learn more about this Ford hatchback!

Down the assembly line it comes - a collection of carbon fiber panels and custom badges. Seattle critics strain to sneak a peek, trying to commit every angle to memory. There’s too little time, however, to memorize the revised C-Pillar construction; and soon the platform vanishes.

Don’t worry, Focus fans: it will be back again.

According to Jalopnik, Ford has just revealed its 2019 Focus - albeit very briefly. In a dizzyingly edited video, the Big Blue Oval delivered glimpses of its latest sedan. The angles were obscured; the speed was frantic; and every pixel seemed determined to tease. Despite all of this, however, critics were still able to glean a few tangible specs… and they were pleased with what they saw.

The 2019 Focus will feature a a revised fascia. LED daytime running lights will anchor the front, cutting long lines across the fenders. Halogen headlamps will boast thick bezels, while a sculpted hood should house a 1.3L EcoBoost engine (the signature crease deformations mimic the current model and suggest a similar powertrain, with 123 HP and 125 lb.-ft of torque expected). A chrome grille delivers prominent tri-bar styling, and metallic lettering now sprawls across the rear to create a sleek effect.

No official dimensions have been released for the 2019 Focus. Seattle critics agree, however, that the wheelbase has been lengthened and will deliver a chic profile on the highway.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today for further information about the new Focus!

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