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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
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2015 ford fiesta for sale kent washingtonFord has decided to pilot a new site for online purchases of used vehicles. Prepared to revolutionize the way consumers shop for and buy automobiles, this service will compile a list of preowned options from multiple dealerships, all in one place. Called, the website is expected to make waves in the industry.

This new site allows customers to sort by a number of features, including mileage, color, engine type, and other technologies. In addition, if a consumer finds the vehicle they're looking for, they can schedule an appointment to take a test drive or talk more with the dealer.

This innovation is the brainchild of by two Ford engineers and funded through Ford X, an in-house incubator that was created from the company's Smart Mobility subsidiary.

If you’d like to search preowned vehicles, you can also come in to Sound Ford. We are conveniently located near Renton, Washington. How about the 2015 Ford Fiesta SE? It has just 64,781 miles to its name.

Amenities in this car are impressive, and they include Bluetooth connectivity and smart device integration. This is great for long commutes, because you can safely call your parents or friends while you drive. You will also love the included HD radio and an mp3 player to listen to all of your music. Hurry in today!

used 2017 ford focus titanium for sale in bellevue seattle waAre you a dog lover? If the answer is a resounding yes, then we have some excellent news for you: Ford is working on making driving with our furry friends as safe as possible. The company did this in response to a survey they commissioned which showed that a whopping 32 percent of pet owners don't secure their pets in the car - even though it’s a legal requirement in many countries. Ford engineer, Rene Berns, and his three-year-old Australian Shepherd conducted tests to make sure the Focus wagon was suitable by ensuring that the biggest crate could fit inside of the rear hatch through the maximization of the total volume. Berns did this by compressing the foam layer of the roof liner, altering the length of the hinge screws, and reshaping the opening.

Unfortunately, this model is only available in Europe, but if you’re looking for a good car for you and your animal companion then you should check out the 2017 Ford Focus Titanium. It’s perfect because it has 23.8 cubic feet of cargo space when the car is full, but you can also tumble down the seats to access up to 44.8 ft³ of room!

Do you want to try one out for a spin? Give us a call at our dealership in Renton, Washington, and we’ll schedule you an appointment.

The future of performance isn’t merely bright. It’s instead luminous - with Ford revving toward total chart domination by 2020. The Big Blue Oval recently unveiled its upcoming fleet of crossovers, compacts, and full-ton beasts; and critics across Seattle have already started celebrating.

We think you’ll soon join them.

As TFL Truck explains, Ford’s latest platforms rank among the most anticipated vehicles in North America - with class-leading performance expected across a wide range of verticals.


The 2020 Bronco (which should debut late next year) will redefine utility - with a sport-tuned suspension and a rugged V8 engine rumored. This platform will serve as a direct competitor of the new Jeep Wrangler and will re-introduce drivers to all-wheel capability.

Compact Trucks

The 2019 Ranger (which should arrive this fall) is among the most eagerly anticipated models in Seattle. Critics and drivers alike have been clamoring for a compact alternative to traditional half-tons; and this truck should deliver robust V6 performance and segment-leading payloads (more than 3,000 pounds is expected).

Full-Ton Trucks

The 2020 F-250 Super Duty will shatter all performance records, with its rumored 6.7L V6 engine pairing with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Early spec sheets suggest that this will ensure an overall power increase of 10%, allowing the truck to haul more than 13,000 pounds.

TFL Truck notes that these platforms - in addition to the 2019 F-150 Raptor and 2020 F-350 Super Duty - are generating heavy interest across North America; and each should yield massive sales for Ford upon their release.

Which models are you most excited for? Share your opinions with us today!

It’s a search-fueled era - with consumers rapidly typing their queries into smartphone interfaces and engine boxes, trying to glean information both essential and irreverent. Patience is no longer a virtue. Instead immediacy defines every day and the need to know more now dominates.

The automotive world isn’t exempt from this quest for social data. Drivers flock to their screens, craving the latest production dates and spec releases - and Google saves every keystroke to determine which brands reign supreme.

For 2017 Ford is the search king.

According to Car Buzz, Ford is the year’s most researched brand. Consumers were intrigued by its 2018 fleet - with the F-150, Raptor, and Mustang leading the Google pack. Each of these platforms was sought extensively online, with an emphasis on spec comparisons and virtual walkthroughs.

Most intriguing, however, are the demographic trends that Google discovered. Car Buzz notes that - while Washington audiences proved enamored by the Big Blue Oval’s latest designs - it was Michigan and South Dakota residents who contributed the largest search percentage. This sudden burst of mid-west popularity is attributed to the rise of Ford factories in the area.

Google serves as the gateway to the virtual world - and now Ford ranks among its most popular keywords.

What do you think of this news? Were you among the millions who searched for Ford’s 2018 line-up? If so, let us know!

With the debut of its Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE), Ford Motor Company is reinforcing its long-lasting commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

The PACE program serves to share Ford's pioneering sustainability practices with its global chain of suppliers. More specifically, the program's tools include assets to help suppliers increase their efficiency of water and energy consumption, as well as cut down on waste and carbon dioxide emissions. Learn more about Ford's sustainability initiatives in the video below:

Through the program, suppliers are able to better track and achieve their goals for sustainability - as of now, participating suppliers are already slated to conserve 550 million gallons of water over the next five years! On top of that, research collected in 2016 indicates that carbon emissions from participating PACE suppliers may be reduced by approximately 500,000 metric tons globally over the same time span.

“As a company, it’s important that we make quality products and minimize the impact on the environment by doing things the right way,” Mary Wroten, the senior manager of Ford Supply Chain Sustainability, said.

Stay tuned for more information on Ford's PACE program, and visit our team at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
2017 Ford Motor Company vehicles for sale seattle washingtonFor the eighth year running, Ford Motor Company is taking a well-earned spot on Ethisphere's ranking of World's Most Ethical Companies. The list highlights companies that use their influence to promote positive change; Ford's 2017 accolade marks the longest streak for any automaker. 

The Blue Oval's position on the list is the product of a steady commitment to ethics, one enforced through various initiatives targeted at safe working conditions and human rights, the Partnership for a Cleaner Environment program, the sourcing of conflict-free minerals and more. Additionally, Ford's team also cultivates long-standing relationships with suppliers, going the extra mile to offer training and evaluations to support adherence to protocol.

“Strong ethics and corporate citizenship are the foundation of our business philosophy, which demonstrates to our customers what we stand for as a company,” Bill Ford, Ford Motor Company's Executive Chairman, said in a statement.

Timothy Erblich, Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer, echoed Ford's sentiments in the same release. 

“Companies we’ve honored as World’s Most Ethical take a novel response to the shift in societal expectations, constant redefinition of laws and regulations, and the geo-political climate. We’ve seen how Ford responds to these challenges, while still...embracing ethical strategies across the globe.”

Find out more about Ford's standards of excellence and ethics at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!

At first glance, the phrase "up 2 percent" may not raise many eyebrows. But the phrase "64,641 vehicle sales" certainly might - even though it represents the same sales growth for Ford and its joint ventures in China. 

The gains reference sales of cars from February, a year-over-year increase of 2 percent from the same period in 2016. Overall, the upward numbers contribute to the year-to-date sales of 153,073 vehicles total in 2017. For Changan Ford Automobile in particular, they posted a contribution of 42,695 vehicle sales in February, resulting in a year-to-date sales number of 108,858. Check out the Ford Edge - one of the best-performing vehicles last month - in the video below:

Changan Ford's sales numbers come off the heels of a strong close to last year; a Ford report states that showroom traffic is improving, and 2017 is expected to bolster its sales with the debut of key new vehicles later in the year - the anticipated EcoSport being one of them.

Meanwhile, Jiangling Motor Corporation closed the deal on 20,794 vehicles in February, a staggering 48-percent increase from last year's numbers in February. As a result, they topped out at 41,043 vehicle sales, which translates to gains of 31 percent.

Specifically, the Ford Edge and Ford Taurus posted impressive numbers in February. Find out why in our next post, and learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!

2018 Ford F-150 for sale seattle washingtonFord Motor Company closed out February 2017 with a total of 208,440 domestic sales, led by a strong performance from Ford brand SUVs.

SUV sales climbed up six percent compared to 2016 sales, with 68,820 vehicles driven off the lots total. In particular, sales of the Escape reached 27,637 and Expedition sales also achieved a 48 percent increase.

The Ford F-Series also went up by nine percent, with 65,956 trucks sold overall; the numbers reflect the F-Series' most successful sales numbers since 2004, with reported Super Duty retail gains nationwide. 
Meanwhile, retail and fleet sales topped out at 134,576 and 73,864, respectively.

“We continue seeing strong consumer demand for the highest-series Super Duty pickups and the all-new F-150 Raptor, plus greater availability of 2017 model year F-150s,” Mark LaNeve, Ford's vice president of U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, said. “This drove a $3,600 increase in average transaction prices for F-Series last month alone, Lincoln had a $2,100 increase, ultimately delivering an overall company transaction price increase of $1,900 per vehicle.”

Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
2017 Ford carsEven the most seasoned drivers can learn a thing or two about staying safe on the road, especially as the number of distractions seems to multiply year over year. That's why - in efforts to prevent vehicle injuries - Ford Driving Skills for Life recently launched its 14th year of instruction, providing drivers young and old with greater capabilities on the road. The Blue Oval's signature safe driving initiative began its annual tour at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on February 4 and 5.

Relying on time-tested techniques, the program serves to reduce the number of incidents behind the wheel. Since 2003, its holistic approach has included lessons on hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed mitigation and more in a hands-on setting. Over 1 million newly licensed drivers worldwide have participated in the program, which is offered for free.

“Driving safely is not about downloading the latest app,” James Graham, the global manager for Ford Driving Skills for Life, said in a Ford statement. “We look forward to expanding our efforts to help reduce the number of crashes and fatalities through teaching real-world training and improved decision-making skills. Working with all of our partner organizations in 35 countries, we believe we are making a substantial contribution to safer driving.”

Teens and parents alike have latched on to the program over the years, thanks to its free ride-and-drive courses that match participants with professional instructors. In addition to drugged and drunk driving suits, Ford also introduced virtual reality tools for this year's program to help drivers better identify common obstacles like pedestrians and traffic circles.

Interested in enrolling in the program? Upcoming tour dates include a stop at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California on March 4-5 and at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on April 22-23. Learn more at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
It takes a village to build and sell a vehicle. Despite the growing number of innovations available to automotive producers, no form of technology can replace the heart and personality of a team - a reality that Ford's Customer Service Division, its dealers, and brand ambassador Dwayne Johnson highlight in their second advertising campaign together. The series of content brings the 35,000 members of Ford's service team to the forefront.

“We are thrilled to have Dwayne Johnson return as our Ambassador of Service,” Brett Wheatley, the executive director of Ford Customer Service Division, North America, said in a statement. “Not only is he a loyal Ford customer – owning multiple Ford vehicles – Dwayne embodies the qualities of the Ford Service brand. He strives to be the hardest worker in the room, being a leader, building and maintaining trust and most importantly, quality service. We couldn’t ask for a more fitting spokesperson.” Catch Johnson on-screen in the video below:

Ford's all-new campaign runs the media gamut, with placements across digital, radio and TV. Johnson's robust social media following of more than 140 million followers heavily contributes to the publicity of the campaign, which relies on direct messaging and strong imagery shot within Ford's campus in Dearborn. Along with trips to Ford's design studio, factory floor and service department, Johnson also experienced the effects of an extreme weather condition chamber for the shoot.

“I'm very excited about what we're building with the good people of Ford,” Johnson said in the same release. “Our goal with this partnership was not to try and sell the American public cars, but to build trust and a bridge to the hard working men and women who service them.”

Learn more about Ford's campaign at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington!
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