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The latest Ford News in the Pacific Northwest.
Ford News For Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Washington
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As Peter Rander, President of Argo AI (now owned by Ford) writes in his Medium blog post, Ford has now expanded testing of their upcoming self-driving vehicle technology, encompassing five total cities—Miami, Washington D.C., Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. Moreover, their new third-generation test vehicle—based on the Ford Fusion Hybrid—brings new equipment to further elevate the technology.

The third-generation machines offer a new sensor suite with cameras and radar sets that sport higher dynamic range and better resolution. Due to these improvements in conjunction with more advanced software, the autonomous machine can now see farther ahead and more easily classify objects. Further, there’s a wholly new computer system onboard that boasts both greater processing power and enhanced thermal management systems, the latter of which reduce heat and noise inside the cabin.

Just as impressive as the above is the fact that the third-generation vehicle now provides redundant braking and steering systems that can maintain appropriate motion control even if one of the units fails. Impressive stuff!

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2019 ford fusion for sale renton washingtonWith the Chinese government implementing policies to curb emissions, electric vehicle sales are booming. China, where Ford operates a 50/50 joint venture with Changan Automobile called Changan Ford, is the U.S. manufacturer’s second-largest market. While overall Chinese auto sales are slowing, EV sales continue to grow.

And that’s why Ford has recently announced it will introduce 30 new models in China, one third of which will be electric and all designed to meet local needs.

Truck sales are also rising in China, and Ford China plans to add a new, as yet unnamed model, to meet demand. The F-150 Raptor and Ranger are already available.

China will also see Ford vehicles that incorporate Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything or C-V2X communications technology before anyone else. The platform lets Ford cars communicate with each other, as well as with traffic infrastructure, as part of its ongoing mission to reduce both traffic jams and accidents. Forward collision warning, intersection movement assist, roadworks warnings and notifications about emergency vehicles approaches are all part of the C-V2X system. C-V2X also enables platooning, which can decrease the distances between vehicles and lets them to brake or accelerate simultaneously.

To see all the new safety features on current models, however, take a test ride at Sound Ford just outside Seattle, Washington. Take, for instance, the 2019 Ford Fusion SE. It’s got a wonderfully sporty exterior and all the comforts inside that you crave, including dual-zone air conditioning and auto-dimming mirrors. Hurry in!  
2019 ford fusion hybrid for sale in bellevue seattle waAccording to Ford Authority, Ford and VW are going to have a meeting to discuss their future electric vehicles partnership. This news comes after their announcement in January of their new pick-up truck and van alliance. They also publicly released a memorandum of understanding to work together on autonomous cars, connected mobility services, and EVs. The collaboration has the potential to cut costs from production and boost pre-tax profit margins. However, it seems that they still need to iron out a few details so we’ll have to wait and see the outcome!

If you’re looking for an 
automobile that is environmentally friendly and possesses some pizazz, then you should check out the 2019 Fusion Hybrid Titanium! This beauty gets an exceptional fuel economy of 43 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway - so you’ll save a ton of money on gas. Additionally, under the hood rests a capable 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that cranks out a hearty 188 hp at 6,000 revs per minute and 129 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm. Lastly, it’s equipped with front-wheel drive and a continuously variable-speed automatic transmission.

Want to take a Fusion for a test spin around the block? Call our dealership in Renton, Washington today, and we’ll schedule you an appointment!

2019 ford fusion sport for sale bellevue seatlleIt’s tradition to ring in the new year with fireworks and most people love the colorful spectacle. However, it can be a stressful experience for our canine friends as they possess much better hearing than us and the big bangs scare them. That’s why Ford is using the noise-canceling insulation found in their vehicles to create kennels for pooches to put them at ease during the festivities. How does it work? Microphones inside the doghouse will be able to detect the commotion and transmit opposing frequencies from speakers. The concept of utilizing automotive technology to solve everyday problems is part of a Ford initiative called “Interventions.”

Of course, you don’t need an animal to benefit from state-of-the-art gadgets - you just need the 2019 Fusion V6 Sport. Under the hood rests an impressive 2.7L EcoBoost that cranks out a whopping 325 HP and 380 lb.-ft of torque. And you don’t have to think twice about tearing down the highway because it's got a ton of safety features. For example, blind spot monitoring is designed to identify other cars flanking you, and in the case that one is, an indicator light on the side-view mirrors illuminates to help prevent an accident!

Stop by our dealership now to arrange a test drive in the Fusion V6 Sport!
new 2019 ford fusion se for sale in seattle bellevueFord has always been a leader in innovation - so it comes as no surprise that they’re at the forefront of capitalizing on futuristic tools. At the brand’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford, Mich., they’ve begun using new technologies, with the goal of eventually implementing the specialized equipment at all of their auto plants worldwide.

The company has invested $45 million in the project to bring valued customers first-class vehicles. Some of the exciting ventures being undertaken are the utilization of things like 3D printing to make advanced car parts, virtual reality to design and simulate production lines, robots to increase safety, and much more.

You can participate in this software revolution now with the 2019 Ford Fusion SE. It has the SYNC 3 infotainment console, which is an intuitive, high-resolution touchscreen monitor full of fabulous features. You can use the system hands-free with enhanced voice recognition to search for music or adjust the cabin's 
climate. It’s also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for step-by-step navigation and to control your Smart Home devices. Additionally, you have the option to get FordPass, which allows you to track and remotely access your sedan to start, unlock, and check its fuel level status.

Want to take the Ford Fusion SE for a spin? Contact our dealership today, and we’ll schedule you an appointment.
2019 ford fusion for sale seattle bellevue waLess is never more. This is the philosophy that guides you - with the need for variety proving paramount and all limitations denied. You don’t want a single option. You instead want the ability to choose between everything… and that’s why the 2019 Fusion will soon tempt you to our dealership.

Ford delivers dual engine options with its latest Fusion - allowing drivers to find the perfect performance-bands for their commutes.

The 2.0L Atkinson-Cycle

This inline-four option promises exceptional economy, pairing an iVCT block with an 88-kWh electric motor. A lithium-ion battery pack supplements each rev, while an electronic continuously variable transmission bolsters sequencing. This allows the plug-in Fusion to achieve a total output of 104 MPGe in the city and 91 MPGe on the highway, ensuring maximum value at the pump.

The 1.5L EcoBoost

This block impresses with its four-cylinder design, pairing a tight 9.7:1 compression ratio with a six-speed automatic transmission. Both work seamlessly to enhance sequencing, allowing the Fusion to rev from 0 to 60 in less than nine seconds. Performance specs are high (175 HP and 175 lb.-ft of torque); and a short 3.7:1 final drive ratio ensures that operators reach the 6,000 RPM redline with ease.

The 2019 Fusion proves that variety is indeed the spice of automotive life. To learn more about its engine options contact our team today!
2019 ford fusion for sale seattle bellevue waDefend against every highway uncertainty with help from the 2019 Fusion S. This Ford sedan has been bolstered with a series of top-tier safety technologies - ensuring that drivers can confidently (and securely) navigate stop-and-go traffic. No longer fear the miles. Instead trust this platform to deliver comprehensive protection and support.

As CNET explains, the new Fusion S yields impressive capability. Automatic high-beams engage in low-light environments, utilizing halogen bulbs to illuminate corners and dark straightaways alike; while rain-sensing wipers use intuitive software to identify changing weather conditions, seamlessly adjusting their blade patterns to accommodate increasing moisture. Blind-spot monitoring technology anchors the side-view mirrors, offering wide-angle perspectives to gauge both distance and traffic patterns; while a pedestrian detection system alerts drivers to the presence of passerbyers, streaming real-time high-definition feeds to the SYNC display screen.

To further enhance safety the 2019 Fusion S also comes standard with collision-mitigation braking. This function detects approaching obstacles via front-mounted sensors. If drivers take no actions to avoid these concerns, then gentle pressure will be applied to the all-wheel ABS - decelerating speeds and lessening the chance of an impact.

The new Fusion provides motorists with the automated responses they deserve. To learn more about this sedan contact our team today!
Craving a high-tech experience? Ford will soon provide one - with its 2019 Fusion revving toward Seattle. This sedan (which should arrive in time for summer adventures) promises dynamic interfacing, bringing the SYNC 3 infotainment console to families and professionals alike.

As Digital Trends explains, the 2019 Fusion emphasizes connectivity. Anchoring its cabin is the SYNC 3 system, a voice-activated interface that offers access to custom app suites (such as iHeartRadio and SiriusXM). An eight-inch LCD display boasts capacitive touch capabilities, with pinch-to-zoom functionality and vivid pixels delivering easy content engagements; while integrated Wi-Fi hotspots yield enough power for 10 devices (never experience lagging signals again). Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology seamlessly link to smartphones, delivering social feed streaming, content downloads, and more.

To further delight tech fans, the 2019 Fusion also boasts Amazon Alexa compatibility. Utilize this hands-free system to compile custom skill sets: access local news feeds; interact with trivia and gaming apps; and even take advantage of digital meditation techniques (learn to relax on the highway). Drivers can piece together programs that best reflect their specific needs and stream them through the SYNC console.

Want to learn more about the Fusion’s infotainment abilities? Contact our team today to request further information!
The future proves uncertain for the Ford Fusion. Recent rumor rumblings have flooded the Seattle streets - hinting at the possibility of a halted production schedule and a total fleet restructuring. Critics have been tossing speculations onto their social feeds; and no one seems to know the truth.

Allow us to put your mind at ease: the Fusion will continue.

As explains, Ford has recently examined its Fusion line-up - trying to determine why sales have slipped and what role the platform will play within the future. This has led to rampant speculation that the entire marque will be scrapped. We know, however, that the Big Blue Oval is merely planning to tweak its performance capabilities and underpinning designs.

The Fusion - which should return with a brand new model by 2020 - is currently being stripped to the basics by Ford. Its engineers are seeking to reinvent the nameplate (which still proves popular in the European and Asian markets). While a previously planned 2019 version has been stalled, notes that others are still currently on the assembly line; and, when they arrive, they’ll be transformed into more formidable mid-size contenders.

No specs have been provided for the future Ford Fusions. Many anticipate, however, that they’ll blend EcoBoost technology with autonomous capabilities - reflecting the brand’s steady shift toward hybrid performance. Be sure to watch this blog as we unveil the latest details as they arrive.

A picturesque world waits beyond the windows of the 2018 Fusion - but parents know that little minds can’t be entertained by rolling hills or tree-dotted horizon lines. Instead children crave pixelated stimulations, wanting to explore virtual miles instead of the ones that wait beneath the tires.

It comes as a great relief, therefore, to slip inside the new Fusion and find a wealth of infotainment.

According to the NY Daily News, the 2018 Fusion proves perfect for families craving connectivity. Seamlessly integrate smartphone content (including social streams and engine bookmarks) via the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies. Optional wi-fi hotspots allow users to remain in-sync while traveling; while Siri Eyes Free software provides voice-activated interfacing. Seek out custom playlists with help from SiriusXM satellite radio, and feel the cabin shake from the power of the 10-speaker audio system.

At the center of the Fusion’s digital capabilities is the SYNC 3 console. This MyFord successor delivers premium entertainment - with its 4.2-inch LCD display screen featuring HD visuals and simple swipe-to-control commands. Use the advanced software to: locate well-reviewed restaurants, stream favorite stations, and interact with social media accounts.

The 2018 Fusion provides parents with much-needed digital support. To learn more about this and other Ford sedans contact our team today.

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