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Jag was super help full and well knowable of the cars he did great job to explain everything and at the end help to set up Bluetooth and navigation system I am really thankful to Jag for this experience Great service and for sure will come back afin
Great sales and communication
I bought a used 2016 mustang gt just recently from Lino. He was very helpful, friendly and answered all my questions. I also spoke in great length with Michael Nokes the sales manager. He was easy to get along with and a general overall nice guy. I would definitely recommend key west ford to anyone looking for a brand new or used ford. Lino didn’t pressure me into buying that first day I arrived. You will feel comfortable dealing with him and Michael nokes.
Excellent service and follow through
We were window shopping for a new vehicle in the near future. Tom showed us exactly what we wanted and made the deal happen today. We are exceptionally happy with his service and would recommend friends and family go see him at Key West Ford!
Very helpful, knowledgeable staff that made it easy to decide on a vehicle. We are happy with the experience and would definitely recommend this dealership.
Best attention to my needs & very respectful 😊
Jag and the team are very hospitable. They all made me feel as tho’ I was their guest. I was lucky that they had exactly what I needed in the lot and I was given the best deal I could have hoped for. Thank you, Jag !
Very good
We went to the dealership and found a car we liked, our dealer was Jag Dhillon and he sold me an amazing car and we were able to negotiate a good price. Would recommend
Got a great 2018 F150
Very happy to deal with Jag. Got a new F150 at a great deal and he was able to close the deal within minutes. The truck was courtesy detailed and he made sure I had no questions before I left the dealership. Would deal with the dealership again in the future.
Fantastic deal and service on purchasing used vehicle
I was looking for good quality used car for my daughter who is attending University. Found car that she liked in excellent condition at Key West Ford dealership in New Westminster. Received fantastic deal from Jag who followed through with a minor servicing item before delivery. Jag was courteous to our family and pleasure to deal with. We appreciated keeping us apprised of detail and items through follow up. Great and friendly dealership of which I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a car to purchase.
No pessure!
Was a nice day a good deal and will go back in the near for another good deal! Had a nice follow up and much liked. Murray and Judy foley
Sound Ford Blogs - Commercial Fleet
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great deals on used ford transit connect seattle washington areaIf you need to transport a group of people or a lot of cargo, but the idea of a traditional minivan makes you cringe, then the 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is the vehicle for you. The XLT model starts with a generous 58.9 cubic-feet of space behind the third row, which can nearly double to a 104.2 cu-ft cargo hold with the seats removed.

The energetic turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine cranks out 178 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque, along with an outstanding EPA rating of 22 mpg city/30
hwy. According to Autotrader, even though it can fit you and six of your closest friends, the Transit Connect is nimble, driving more like a sedan than a minivan.

Just because its counterpart is a cargo van, doesn’t mean that the Transit Connect Wagon is limited to a bare-bones interior. Upgrade to the MyFord Touch infotainment system and you’ll get a 6.5-inch touchscreen, which includes navigation to get you to important meetings, concerts, and vacation destinations as swiftly as possible.

Bring your crew to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and put a Connect XLT to the test. If you need a bit more room for people and things, take a look at our complete Transit inventory.
great deals on ford transit passenger vans seattle washingtonIf a minivan isn’t quite big enough for your family, consider an 8-passenger low-roof 2017 Ford Transit XLT wagon.

Push all memories of this van’s outdated predecessor, the Econoline Series, far from your mind. The 2017 Transit XLT comes with a mountain of optional 21st-century features. You can add modern conveniences like a navigation system, leather upholstery, and lane-keeping alert.

The 8 seats in the low-roof model are divided across three rows, with a side aisle leading to the back. This allows people to get in and out, without disturbing any other passengers. Once everyone is on board and buckled up, they’re free to stretch out and enjoy the ride, thanks to 41 inches of legroom and an equal measurement of head space.

Car Gurus reports that there’s also ample room for cargo, with 94.2 cubic feet of space behind the last row. This is perfect for storing groceries, luggage, sports equipment, and more. Remove all of the back seats and that capacity expands to 224.5 cu-ft, which is ideal for large DIY projects or trips to the storage unit.

Bring a party of eight to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and take a 2017 XLT model for a test drive. You can also browse our online Transit inventory, which includes a variety of seating configurations.
great deals on ford transit connect cargo vansIn addition to great driving manners and exceptional storage space, you also want your work van to provide excellent safety features. Luckily, the 2017 Ford Transit Connect XL delivers all of the above.

This compact commercial vehicle received five-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for a number of crash types, including four different side categories. It also earned high marks for Overall Front and Driver Protection tests.

The solid side panels and heavy payloads make the
 Transit Connect XL an easy target for strong winds and fast turns. Thankfully, this vehicle comes with stability control. According to an Autoblog review, this essential safety feature can detect when the van has reached its handling limits. In this case, it will apply select brakes and reduce engine power to help drivers stay on the right path.

Airbags in the front, on the side, and overhead keep your noggin and body unharmed in the event of a crash. No matter where the collision is coming from, you’re well protected. In the case of an accident, 
pretensioners can also prove vital, as they tighten the seatbelts to prevent whiplash.

Learn more about a Connect XL at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. You can take a 2017 model for a spin and check out the rest of our Transit inventory.
great deals on used commercial vans seattle washingtonIf you want a commercial vehicle that offers ample space for both you and your payload, consider a 2017 medium-roof Ford Transit-250 cargo van.

The impressive 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 cranks out 310 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. This turbocharged engine grants an admirable fuel economy of 15 mpg city/19
hwy. According to an Autotrader review, this vehicle delivers precise steering and braking, along with a superior ride quality typically found in a midsize sedan. Although the Transit-250 measures nearly 20 feet in length and has a width of 6’9”, it’s still easy to do a complete 180, thanks to a tight turning circle of 56.4-ft.

Choose the medium roof and you get a full six-feet of standing room behind the seats. That means less neck kinks, slouching, and head bumps for your employees. Speaking of the cargo area, this model of the Transit-250 can gobble up as much as 357.7 cu-ft of stuff.

Inside, the driver and co-pilot each get 52 inches of headroom, 67.5” for hips, and 41.3” to stretch their legs. These generous dimensions make a long workday behind the wheel much more bearable.

Take this van for a test drive at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today. If you’re in the market for something bigger or a passenger wagon, check out our complete Transit inventory online now.
great deals on pre-owned ford transit connect minivans seattle washington areaIf the C-MAX and a full-size Ford Transit had a baby, it would be the practically perfect Connect Wagon. This vehicle combines the comforts and maneuverability of the aforementioned hatchback, along with the space and versatility of the world’s best selling work van.

According to The Car Connection, this pint-sized Transit 
- much like the minivans of yesteryear - is focused on transporting people and their things in a versatile and economical manner. While it’s a great option for busy families, this vehicle is also ideal for DIY enthusiasts, crafters, and anyone on the creative spectrum. Hauling materials for your next project, as well as friends, has never been easier.

With seating for seven and a possible 104.2 cubic-feet of cargo space, the sky’s the limit with the Transit Connect Wagon. Thanks to a low curb height, there’s no need to hoist yourself up when loading heavy materials. With easy access to the rear through dual-sliding doors and a liftback, removing chairs and accessing belongings doesn’t have to be strenuous.

Do you have exciting plans for this super van? Come to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington and take a 2015 XLT for a test drive. You can also check out the rest of our Transit inventory, which includes both new and used models.
best deals on full size passenger vans seattle washington areaIf you need to haul a number of people along with their dearest possessions, consider a 2016 Ford Transit 350 wagon.

The 2-3-3-4 seating configuration for twelve individuals comes with a side aisle leading to the back row. According to Autoblog, every chair has a personal backrest and shoulder belt.

Sure, it’s great to have 
room for a dozen people, but where are they going to put all of their belongings? Many commercial vans focus more on storing passengers than stuff, but not the Ford Transit.

With the 12-seater version, you still have an impressive 70.1 cubic-feet of storage space behind the fourth row. This means that everyone on board can bring their biggest suitcase and a few odds and ends on top of that.

The long-wheelbase version is 19.6 ft from nose to tail and has a width of 6’9”. From the ground to the top, the low-roof measures nearly 7 feet. Of course, all Ford Transit passenger wagons are capable of being converted into a cargo van. When the seats are removed, the T-350 XLT can gobble up 316.1 cu-ft of materials, if need be.

Put a 2016 passenger wagon to the test at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. If it isn’t the perfect one for you, try another vehicle from our Transit inventory, which
includes a variety of seating configurations.
great deals on pre-owned ford transit connects seattle washington areaIt's no secret that the 2017 Ford Transit Connect cargo van delivers an exceptional storage capacity, an unparalleled driving performance, and infinite customization options. But how does it fare in terms of special features?

Gone are the days of utilitarian commercial vehicles. When the Transit Connect immigrated to America a few years ago, it brought plenty of modern conveniences with it. All 2017 models include power windows and keyless entry, while the XLT trim tacks on adjustable mirrors and cruise control. These small amenities make a big difference when the bulk of your work day is spent behind the wheel.

But this van goes to greater lengths to make your life easier than simply providing a key fob. The folks at the Blue Oval also outfitted the Transit Connect with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, which allows you to access HD and satellite radio. You can also keep your mobile device charged through a conveniently located USB port.

The Car Connection found that the standard rearview camera made maneuvering through parking lots or cramped alleys a breeze, especially with a full cargo hold blocking the view from the back window.

Experience the features inside an XLT cargo van at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. To see the rest of our Transit inventory, click here.
great deals on custom ford transit vehicles seattle washingtonAccording to an Autotrader review, if you’re in the market for a work van, the 2017 Ford Transit demands your attention. With an ocean of cargo space and limitless customization options, you can easily create the ideal vehicle for your business.

To make the most of your commercial van, opt for the high-roof Transit-350 with a long wheelbase. Measuring 54.8- x 143.7- x 81.5-inches, this vehicle yields 
a gargantuan 404.2 cubic-feet of storage space. If that still isn’t enough room, remove the front passenger seat and that figure rises to 459.2 cu-ft.

But what if you’ve got bigger plans than hauling boxes and lumber? Not to worry. With an impressive array of customization features and add-ons, there’s no van better suited than the Ford Transit. Installing shelving, drawers, and racks is a breeze.

upfitters have already released special pieces to fit this van, which are specifically designed to efficiently use the space. You even have the option to add electrical outlets for charging power tools, computers, and whatever else you need to keep your enterprise on the move.

Come to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington to discuss custom options for your T-350. You can also take any of the vans from our Transit inventory for a test drive.
best prices for ford transit connect seattle washington areaIf you lead a busy lifestyle, you need a car that can keep up. Thanks to its versatile seating configurations, the 7-passenger 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT Wagon is the perfect option. Consider a used model for your next vehicle.

With all seven seats in place, you get a generous 20 cubic-feet of space in 
back for groceries, shopping, and other sundry. Remove the third row and the volume swells to an impressive 59 cu-ft, while still maintaining enough room for four adult passengers. An Autoblog review suggests this configuration for a group of friends taking a camping trip or the ultimate tailgate experience.

Take out everything but the front two chairs, and you’ve got a capacious cargo hold capable of swallowing 104 cubes of your belongings. Now, you’re ready to move your kid to college or buy a year’s worth of toilet paper. With a payload capacity of 1,312 pounds, this super van is also great for gardeners who need to load up on fertilizer.

Discover the versatility of a 2016 Connect XLT Wagon at Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington. You can take a pre-owned model for a test drive or check out our complete Transit inventory.
great deals on ford transit connect seattle washington areaIf you want a minivan alternative that’s fun to drive and loaded with special features, consider a used 2016 Ford Transit Connect Titanium wagon.

The standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces a dynamic 169 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque, along with an enviable fuel economy of 20 mpg city/28 highway. According to a review, this wagon is lighter and nimbler when compared to large minivans. This should come as happy news to anyone who’s had to maneuver a full-size people hauler through a busy parking lot.

Despite its more compact frame, the Transit Connect is still nice and roomy across the three rows of seating. The Titanium trim level comes with top of the line captain’s chairs in the middle. Leather upholstery throughout the cabin further ensures the comfort of all six passengers.

The Transit Connect’s center stack bears a striking resemblance to its cousin the Focus, with its easy to reach and use controls. The lauded MyFord SYNC infotainment system includes useful features such as phone connectivity, navigation, and satellite radio.

Come to Sound Ford in Seattle, Washington today and take a pre-owned 2016 model for a test drive. You can also check out our complete Transit selection online, which includes both new and used vans.
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