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Reflex Sprayed-On Truck Liners

Spray-On Linings are best - The verdict is in: spray-on truck-bed liners outperform plastic liners that are manufactured separately and installed as after-market add-ons. By bonding directly to the truck-bed, spray-on liners eliminate entirely any chance that moisture will collect between the lining and the steel body of the truck. But as with any product, quality of the end-product varies greatly from one supplier to another. If you choose carefully, you'll always choose Reflex spray-on truck liners.

Newest State-of-the-art Equipment - Being the best requires the best. SOUND Ford's all-new collision center has nothing but the latest and newest equipment to ensure the best possible vehicle repair in the most time efficient manner. We are committed to doing our job right the first time and our customers being 100% satisfied.

Engineered to protect your truck - Unlike some truck-bed liners that are little more than thickened paint, Reflex spray-on truck bed liners are built up, layer upon layer, from a product chemically engineered to do the job - to protect your truck from abrasion, shifting cargo, and harsh chemicals that may leak from whatever you're hauling. Gasoline, diesel fuel, battery acid, chlorine, herbicide, salt - none of it can harm a Reflex lining.

No loss of cargo space - Sprayed on up to 1/4" thick in areas of highest wear, Reflex linings won't rob you of any cargo space. Tie-downs, lugs, fifth-wheel mounts and other accessories remain accessible. Water drains normally out the tailgate instead of pooling up in the lining.

10 Years of Proof - Over the last ten years, Reflex linings have been proven under the most grueling road conditions. Not only does it protect your truck, it looks great. Using WireTrim, a special masking barrier that incorporates a cutting wire, technicians at SOUND FORD's Collision Repair Center can apply a Reflex lining to your truck with great precision. There are various colors to choose from.